Zoo Evolution Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Zoo Evolution is a simulation game where you manage a zoo. You’re basically handling a virtual zoo where you get to raise animals and of course make money in the process. A zoo is there for animals and people as well. However running a zoo be it a virtual one can be hard but with our Zoo Evolution hack, cheats, tips and guide you can have a nice helping hand.

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Zoo Evolution is available on both iOS and Android.

Selecting your habitat

When you begin the game you get to choose a habitat or Biome for what your zoo will be based on. These include the Jungle, Savannah, Desert and the Tundra. There really is no real advantage of any of the Biomes from the other. It is basically like an aesthetic or preference choice. You get animals that a Biome won’t have. Just research which animals you would get in which Biome in case you have some in mind.

Your animals in the zoo

After choosing your Biome you get to choose 2 animals as your starting ones. When you do start you may not know what to do. The thing to do first is to just feed and take good care of your initial animals. Keep in mind that these two animals will be your main source of money for the time being. The more you get money from them, the more you are allowed to create more structures and raise other animals. The more you can make these things means the more you can make.

Going back to the animals when you can add more of them aside from the starting two it can be ideal to mix and match them. Just like in real life, people go to the zoo to see different animals. You don’t just go to see the lions every time. In the game when you have a lot of the same animals you won’t be generating a lot of money as expected. You can just have one type of animal at a time so that you can have a different source of income. Plus some animals generate more money than others so just keep that in mind as well.

Fusing animals?

In real life you can’t fuse a lion with a tiget and get a liger. In the game while there isn’t a liger you can actually fuse animals when you would want to. Just remember that you need two animals to be around level 20 so that they can be fused. The resulting animal can help you generate more income. Just look up the different fusion results to learn more.

Tickets and coins

Coins are like premium currency that you can buy with real money. Coins can be used to speed up things in production. You can get more coins by watching ads so you’re not spending money on them. If you do want to spend production then you can use tickets aside from coins. In order to get tickets you just level up your zoo so you don’t have to spend money on coins.

Be a master of the zoo with our Zoo Evolution hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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