Zoo Craft Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Zoo Craft is a take on a zoo simulation game. It uses a popular blocky type graphics presentation. Your job is to raise up a zoo and earn a lot of money. When it comes to managing the zoo you need to breed and raise animals as well as grant some amenities for the people coming. That way they can keep coming back and that means more money for you. Running a zoo is hard but it doesn’t have to be with the help of our Zoo Craft hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Zoo Craft is available on both iOS and Android.

Check and do missions

Zoo Craft has some missions that you can do. Don’t worry these aren’t action packed missions but missions that require you to do some simple tasks. Just like cleaning up debris or raising a certain animal. That’s why you should check the missions before you do certain things so that you can complete them. One other thing is that you also need to do time missions since these will disappear later on and you can’t do those missions.

Build one of each kiosk

You can put up kiosks which can vary to animal cages or amenities like food and others. Several kiosks are locked for the time being. The ideal thing to do is to build one of each kiosk. You don’t have to build a lot of them but one for each. The purpose is that you can harvest some profits from these kiosks and later on they can earn a lot more so don’t forget to upgrade them when you can.

Your animal friends

It wouldn’t be a zoo without any animals. When it comes to animals you can buy them later on but as usual some of them are locked until you reach a certain level or some requirements. You need to take care of your animals like if they are alive. Animals can get sick or even die if you leave them unattended. They are part of your income force so if you just leave them be then you will need to change them so that means more costs. There is one other thing that you can do which is to breed animals. The crazy thing here is that you can breed different animals with animals that aren’t of the same type. You can probably get the same animal from one of the parents or have a different breed altogether. Just don’t think too much of the realism but the more types of animals you have means the more profit you can make potentially of course.

Beautiful butterflies

Zoo Craft allows you to visit other players’ zoo. When you do it you are able to catch butterflies. These butterflies can allow you to level up faster as well as earn a lot of profits as well as earn some of the game’s premium currency. Different zoos have different amount of butterflies. You may encounter a zoo without any but you can come back for it later on.

Tend to your animals and customers with the help of our Zoo Craft hack, cheats, tips and guide. Zoo Craft was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers.

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