Zombie Frontier 3 Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Zombie Frontier 3 is a first-person shooter instalment that lets you unleash awesome gun power against the undead. Collect and level up different types of guns and ammo and survive each quick level by leaving no undead walking. It has a Resident Evil feels to it, despite the short duration of each level. Very challenging even for seasoned zombie game fans! What are you waiting for? Take zombie-slaying to a different level by reading our Zombie Frontier 3 hack and cheats list to find out how to succeed on each level!

zombie frontier 3 hack cheats tips guide

Zombie Frontier 3 is available on both iOS and Android.

Don’t panic!

Games such as this almost always means that weapon selections and ammunition is very limited during your first few hours playing the game. Don’t be hasty and only shoot when you’re sure about your aim. Otherwise, you risk the chance of getting swarmed by the zombies who are out to scratch, tear you apart, and eat your brains out! A shot to the head will always kill the undead immediately, but shots to the body will also do the trick and can gain you slightly lower points than if you would go for the head.


This one is quite usual, but oftentimes, in a fit of panic, players forget to hit the reload button. Don’t let zombies get too close before you reload or one of them will certainly reach you in time to feast on your brains.

Learn to use your weapons correctly!

Hand guns and rifles will require you to reload every few shots, while auto rifles will compel you to do so less frequently. However, apart from remembering to reload, you must use your weapons smartly, so you won’t run out unexpectedly. Fire short bursts if you are using auto weapons and aim properly and watch out for that reload button and fire slowly to save on bullets if you are using hand guns.

Upgrade your guns!

Again, gun and bullet upgrades are the norm in this game if you really want to blow some zombie brains out. Don’t spend all of your precious currency on expensive material early on in the game. It is better to use what you have and what you will find along the way and max upgrade if you can. Remember, expensive guns cost more to upgrade than standard issues. You can invest in a new gun later on when you can already afford it.

Pick and switch guns!

Don’t forget to switch guns if the one you’re currently use it runs out of ammo. Also, take into consideration the speed of reload and upgrades as well as the game setting before picking a weapon to use. Some weapons are great for close battles, while some are better at ranged battles.

Perform daily quests!

Complete missions and challenges every single time to earn gold that can be used for upgrade. Daily and support missions will make sure that your coffers are full and they will naturally be unlocked through usual game sequence, so don’t be slacking.

There goes our list of Zombie Frontier 3 hack and cheats! Don’t forget to share your game comments, suggestions, and stats below!

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