Xenoraid Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Xenoraid is a 2D vertical shooter looking like those classic games in the past. The objective of course is to guide your ship through space. You can shoot down enemies and stay alive at the same time. Get rid of those obstacles and improve your ship so that you can take on the challenges ahead. Shooting through space is hard but be sure to use our Xenoraid hack, cheats, tips and guide to make things easier.

Xenoraid is available on both iOS and Android.

Fire in all directions if needed

One thing the game has going for it is that it allows the player to move the ship in all directions. The other thing is that you can shoot in all directions. In most games you need to have some kind of special weapon to fire diagonally. In Xenoraid you can always just shoot at an angle if you need to and that’s always good as you’re not limited to a straight line when it comes to what you are hitting.

Don’t move if you don’t need to

Most people would play for style hence they try to be dodgy and artful. The thing to remember is that if there are no enemies around, you don’t need to keep moving. Just keep your ship stable when you have to. That also goes the same when you’re being bombarded by a lot of enemies and projectiles. Try not to move too much as you may end up getting hit rather than avoiding them. In some case, staying in the corner is what most people do to avoid getting killed right away.

Form a team of ships

In the game you can form a team of ships mostly four of them. The ships have a variety when it comes to what they are. There are those that have predetermined attributes and weapons. There are those that can move much faster and those that can get more hits. It is best to have a well rounded team as you can swap them out of battle when you can. You can also choose to upgrade your ships. Upgrading ships can be done one at a time. The more you upgrade them the more expensive they become. Upgrade the ships’ attributes or weapons when you can.

A few battle tips

Xenoraid offers a lot of variety as we already stated when it comes to the ships that you use. IF you feel that you’re struggling with the current ship, just tap on the right side to change the ships. Be careful where you change though as you could be hit with incoming fire as you are changing. When using your basic weapon like the machine gun, watch the meter. Make sure that it doesn’t overheat because it will break down for a moment and you can’t use it for awhile. Choosing the right weapon is also suitable which is why it is essential to form your party of ships as we already stated.

Playing these 2D vertical shooters can be tricky but with our Xenoraid hack, cheats, tips and guide you can make things easier.

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