X-Mercs Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

X-Mercs is a tactical science fiction game. An alien race descends on Earth to wreak some havoc. A team of elite fighters and soldiers are out to do missions to save the day. That sounds a bit familiar but the game has some original concepts to it. You need to gather your characters and strengthen to take on bigger and badder aliens. You might need our X-Mercs hacks, cheats, tips and guide to get ahead.

X-Mercx is available on iOS.

In the right position

X-Mercs emphasizes on strategy and that means that one of the things that you should be mindful of is your position. We mean that when you move your characters try to give them a good position when it comes to defense. There are some things on the field that protects your characters as well as the enemies from attacks. It can be advantageous for you when you find the right things that can cover your troops. The downside is that when you go for an attack, it can also cover the enemies so positioning is key.

The gear

In any tactical and strategy game, it also boils down to the gear. When we say gear, we mean the armor that your troops use. Early on you might be using default gear so naturally and instinctively you will need to change them later on as you progress. In some cases, no matter how good you are when it comes to planning, if your troops’ gear are inefficient then they will die easy or you can’t kill the enemies in fast rate. Make sure to change your gear when you can but you don’t always have to change them just because a new game came out. Be efficient and don’t spend a lot of money into it. When it also comes to the weapons you need to know the right ones to use per mission. There are some cases where a specific weapon type isn’t as effective as it should be regardless of its attack power.

Wait and strike

You would have the natural urge to attack head on but one good strategy is to wait. Basically just pass your turn or do some buffing but don’t move your troops from their spot. This will force the enemies to move towards you thus costing them some turns and some time. Be sure as well that the enemies don’t have long range attacks because even if they don’t move they can still attack your troops from a distance. When they are within range of your troops, move them and go for an attack.

A little explosion hurts

Our very first tip when playing X-Mercs is to get into the right position. One thing is that there are some weapons that deal splash damage or in some cases an explosion kind of thing. When this happens, your troops even when they are covered by obstacles can still get hit. The damage may not be that big but just watch out for it as too much can still kill them.

Warding off those alien enemies can be a hassle but using our X-Mercs hacks, cheats, tips and guide will lighten the load.

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