WWE Tap Mania Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

WWE has a lot of videogames under its name so why not add one more with WWE Tap Mania. This game is a clicker or tapping based game. You have your own wrestler take on hordes of different wrestlers. Your arsenal includes a couple of moves as well as your ability to tap. You can also unlock other WWE superstars to help you in our tapping endeavors. Collect a lot of them and take on other WWE superstars with the help of our WWE Tap Mania hack, cheats, tips and guide.

WWE Tap Mania is available on both iOS and Android.

Be a master tapper

In WWE Tap Mania, you don’t need to tap all the time. This of course is when your superstars are strong enough. However when you tap like a master then you can earn a lot more. Tapping really fast is good because it helps you take down enemy superstars much faster than the normal rate. It can be tiring to do so but if you have a method for tapping fast then do it. Most people use two fingers and alternate them but if you have tools for it then tap like a master.

Use your perks

Your superstars have perks which serves as their passive abilities. Now when you have a desired lineup of superstars, it is ideal that you upgrade their perks. Upgrading their perks naturally increases them and makes the superstar much stronger. You can choose which superstars to improve their perks on because you can’t have too much of them. The important thing is that you need to spend perks because they max up so if you want to gain more, just keep using those perks to keep getting them.

Save your signature move

When tapping through the different enemies, you can fill up your signature move bar. You can choose to use your signature moves but here is one trick that you can use. You will know how many wrestlers you will face until you fight in the main event or the boss for the level. When your signature move bar is full and its near the main event, try to save it. That way you can use your signature move when the main event enemy comes and you can take them down much faster.

Accept the challenges

In WWE Tap Mania there are some challenges that you can do. These are optional but completing challenges can be rewarding. First of all you can get gold which is the premium currency of the game which is nice if you don’t plan on paying the game with real money. The other thing you can get are shards to get more and rarer superstars to aid you.

A little money booster

You can notice a button that says Free on the corner.Click on that button where it then shows you an ad. You don’t need to watch the ad but just let it play. After the ad plays, you can then get a money booster bonus. That means that you can earn more money when you play through the game. Just check on the Free button to see if there are ads and boosters available for you to use.

Tap with your favorite WWE superstars with the help of our WWE Tap Mania hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

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