World Bowling Championship Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

World Bowling Championship brings an interesting take in the sport of bowling. It is still bowling to say the least but has some gimmicks to it. There are levels where there are obstacles to it and other things. You can play on your own or play against friends or other people online. Get your bowling skills on but you can always rely on our World Bowling Championship hacks, cheats, tips and guide to get better.

World Bowling Championship is available on both iOS and Android.

The controls

The controls of World Bowling Championship is a bit different. First thing to do is to tap on the screen to launch your bowling ball. Once the ball is launched, you need to tilt your device at an angle that will let you move the ball. If you want the ball to move to the left, then tilt it to the left and to the right if you want to. The thing to remember is that tilting it too much can cause the ball to go to the gutter and you wouldn’t want that. Just find the right angle and be fast when turning.

Obstacles on the way

The game is very distinct in a way that it is a bowling path but in some levels there are some obstacles there. These obstacles can block or hit your ball causing it to go to the sides and miss. In some cases there are ramps to give your ball a little boost by launching in on the air. It is best to avoid obstacles in general including the ramps unless you’re confident with those.

Don’t let the ball hit the gutter

Whatever you do, don’t let the ball hit the gutter. That is because you will lose points or basically just scoring a zero per turn. It is better to just hit the side of the pins and hit at least two rather than scoring zero. Just remember to tilt fast to avoid getting to the gutter.

Just play the game when playing solo

When playing solo, you don’t have to worry about your score although it would help to score high. There are over hundreds of single player levels that people can play. Even if you don’t score a high mark you can proceed to the next level. Even if you just score a 1 star, you can still proceed to the next level. Try scoring 3 stars so redo levels that you haven’t performed well so to speak.

Other modes

There are other modes available in World Bowling Championship. There is the 100 Pin challenge where you have to knock down 100 pins in one go. It is challenging but you get a reward when you do it successfully. Then there is multiplayer mode. Play against a friend or someone online to a one on one bowling match. Test your skills and see who gets the best scores at the end of each match. In this mode you do have to worry about getting the highest score.

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