Word Cookies Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Word cookies is a puzzle game where you have to spell words from the same amount of letters. Just like when you get the letters A T C, then you need to figure out the words to spell them right. You can slepp ACT and CAT from them to solve the puzzle. There are more letters and words later on so make sure to spell them out right to proceed to the next level. Spelling out words in cookies can be appealing but you need our Word Cookies hack, cheats, tips and guide to spell them right.

word cookies hack cheats tips guide

Word Cookies is available on both iOS and Android.

Time is not of the essence

One thing is that there is no time limit in the game or per level. This means you can take all the time that you need when you are solving these puzzles. They don’t deduct points or grant more so just take your time when solving these puzzles so that you can do it just right.

Solving the puzzles

The first levels can be easy but later on, there will be more letters and words to solve. The words don’t have to be the same in terms of the amount of letters that it can use. Just like when the letters are A B C K L then you can form words like BACK, LACK and BLACK. Just jumble in some words at random when you don’t have anything else. You can also look at words online that can be made from the letters given.

Not every word is applicable

Going back to our example above with the letters A B C K L, we stated the three words that can be made from it which are BACK, LACK and BLACK. However it could be tht the level is is only asking two words. You can have one of those three words not included on the list. Don’t panic if an actual word does not count as correct in one of the levels. Basically they just have another word in it. This goes well in tricking you as the game could use complex words and not include the simple words to give you an extra challenge so to speak.

Using Shuffle and Hints

When you’re stuck on what word to put in then there are two ways for you to get some help and these are through Shuffle and Hints. Hints are given that they will give you hints or clues as to what the word is. Using Hints cost coins and it doesn’t give you the right answer right away. Using Shuffle basically just jumbles the letters on the pan giving you some hints in a sense but not as helpful as Hints. Shuffle is free so that’s good to help you solve puzzles in a sense..

Start easy

It is always a good idea to just start with the easiest levels first. Don’t bite off more than you can chew by going to the later and harder levels. Just startt off easy and proceed with baby steps to get the full satiisfaction.

Spell words correctly and if you can’t then you have our Word Cookies hack, cheats, tips and guide to help you.

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