Wheel of Fortune Free Play Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Are you great with guessing and a fan of Wheel of Fortune’s Pat and Vanna? Then download the newest mobile game and play for free! Dream about becoming a contestant in the wildly popular game show? Now’s your chance to take on those word puzzles and even build your own or your friends to try! What are you waiting for? Read on to find out some of our Wheel of Fortune Free Play hack and cheats to help you appreciate the game better!

wheel of fortune free play hack, cheats, tips and guide

Game premise!

To those of you who don’t know how the game works (roll eyes!), the idea is that you and two other contestants you will play against would be given a word puzzle, by no less than game show royalty, Pat Sajak. A clue would be given and written at the bottom of the puzzle board. You would then take turns spinning the roulette to know your bid for each letter that you guess every time you take a turn. The contestant who guesses the phrase/sentence after a few letters have been revealed wins!

You would then proceed to a bonus round where you will get the chance to increase the amount that you could win on that level. Pat and Vanna will reveal any R, S, T, L, N, E letters, if they are available. Then, you will guess four additional letters; three consonants and a vowel to help you reveal more letters on the board.

Always pick the most common letters and look for puzzle board cues!

Choose the most common letters in the English language, aside from R, S, T, L, N, E, and make sure to focus on potential “articles” (a, an, the) and contractions like those that have apostrophe (‘) s. These are cues that you can take advantage of. Otherwise, you can pick C, T, and D instead to reveal more letters before you pass or solve the puzzle.

Use hints only at the final round!

The bonus round is where you should only use your hints. You’ll definitely need to use those hints if there are not much R, S, T, L, N, E letters available on the puzzle board. You cannot afford to miss another three consonants and a vowel, so make sure to use your hints only when you need them. These bonus rounds will net you excellent rewards and dollars!

Your opinion matters!

Voting at the end of each puzzle board is a must because you can sort of give the game an idea which puzzles to give you each time. The really tough (impossible!) ones will most likely be replaced with more manageable puzzles.

You can buy vowels!

Vowels are also important game-changers. Make sure to buy whenever you can. Again, look for cues like articles and two-letter words that could be anything between an article (a, an, the), preposition (in, on, at), or a contraction (it’s).

That’s all for our Wheel of Fortune Free Play hack and cheats! Hope you enjoyed our list and do share your game tips by commenting below!

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  1. Can I use more than one letter when I’m guessing? I know I can use one letter and buy a vowel. I see other players having the option to use more than one letter

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