Warp Shift Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Looking for a quiet game to complete in a few days and that will make you think outside the box? Warp Shift is an unassuming game that will surely keep you engaged for long hours. No high scores and timers to beat, all you’ll need is solve each puzzle to move on to the next level. The game mechanics are simple, try to help the girl escape the stacks of boxes by matching the doorways and their corresponding colours in as few moves as possible. We guarantee that if you like completing game stages with three stars as much as we do, you’ll definitely love this game.

warp shift hack cheats tips guide

Before downloading the game (available on both on iOS and Android), read on to find out our Warp Shift hack and cheats to help you move the girl up to her real world!

Moves are limited!

The number on your upper left screen indicates the number of moves you can make to help the girl reach the portal and earn 3-2-1 star/s. Moving the girl one box to any direction counts as one action, as well as moving any one of the boxes once to any direction. One annoying thing about this game is that it does not afford you to undo your last move. ANY move will count as one action. Period.

Keep this in mind if you are keen on earning three stars every time. You don’t earn any special currency or points for solving the puzzle using the fewest possible moves, but hey, you can brag about it among your friends! You can even clear the level with just one star, it doesn’t really matter.

Keep track of the starting point and the portal’s entry ways!

Always be aware of the starting box’s access points. The fewer access points there are, the easier it will be to solve the puzzle. The next thing you’ll have to consider is the portal’s access points or entry ways. Make sure to shift these two boxes appropriately first before figuring out what to do with the boxes in the middle.

Play the move in your head before actually doing anything!

If you like solving things quickly, hold your horses! You don’t want to use up all your moves by indiscriminately shifting the boxes or directing the girl to another box. Trial-and-error simply does not work because each move you make lessens your chances of completing the level.

Be patient and play the move inside your head a few times, so you won’t end up with 1-star or nothing. You can use up to three hints, but you’ll also lose one star each time you do.

Scan the puzzle for coloured gates and other obstacles.

You may need to match the colour of the entrances for the girl to be able to pass through and go to the portal. Later on in the game, you’ll also need to go to the little smart cube first before going straight to the portal. This little cube will act as a key for the girl to go to the next level.

Always scan the puzzle for cranks and other ways to open the portal before directing the girl to the gateway and match coloured gateways first before anything else, so you won’t spend your available moves on futile efforts.

Be persistent!

Puzzle games are normally quite easy to play at the beginning, but they can easily become boring and terrible as the levels get tougher. You don’t have to be a genius to be able to play this game, persistence and lots of time will do!

Practice several times on one level if you have plenty of time and remember your last few moves to assess all of the possible ways to solve each puzzle. Remember, the more boxes and entry ways involved, the more difficult he puzzles will be.

If you need to get the girl to the far box, park her on a different inert box before moving her to the box where you want her to be. However, as much as possible, figure out how to move the boxes first before changing the girl’s position. Only move the girl when it’s absolutely necessary.

Moving the boxes on the edges can be quite tricky!

Boxes on the edges will automatically displace them to the end of the opposite direction that you are moving. So always take a mental note and anticipate their access points’ next positions. This can be a little tricky as one tends to focus on the middle boxes because they are more predictable to imagine.

There you have it, our Warp Shift hack and cheats posted at your own disposal! This game is free to play via Android and iOS. Comment below to share how many three-star levels you got and don’t forget to check out our other game info and reviews!

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