WarFriends Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

WarFriends is a game that utilises PVP elements. It is basically a shooting game but with a nice little twist to it. Make sure to you train your troops and practice your aim so that you can win your matches. Join squads and climb the ranks for notoriety and other things. You would need our WarFriends hack, cheats, tips and guide to get ahead of everyone else.

warfriends hack cheats tips guide

Warfriends is available in both iOS and Android.

All about your troops

Your troops of course are your characters that you use when battling. You can use an array of troops at the beginning and you get more later on but you can only use a number of them every time you go to battle. The other thing to consider is that your enemies may end up using the same troops.

Now of course when you have the chance to do so make sure you upgrade your troops’ attributes and weapons. Upgrading weapons of course increase the damage output that they do. Upgrading the attributes basically increases the troops’ base stats like their life, defense and others.

You can’t always upgrade of all of your troops right away. Keep in mind that these upgrades cost resources and the more you upgrade the more expensive they are. It is good to upgrade one at a time that is suitable for your play style. One other thing is that your troops will gain abilities after you’ve upgraded them to a point. Use these abilities in your battles.

In the heat of battle

When playing the actual battle, make sure that you hide and protect yourself all the time. You can’t risk yourself getting hit in the process. Depending on your play style you can bombard enemies with a lot of ammo or just be defensive and shoot when able. You don’t need to be on the offensive all the time but being on the defense is also not ideal. When there are also boxes being drop on the battlefield make sure you shoot them to get what’s inside.

Join a Squad and get WarCards

Joining a Squad is optional but of course you get a lot of benefits in doing so. When you do join a Squad you get to choose from your fellow squadmates something called WarCards. You can also get WarCards the natural way but being able to choose from a plethora of WarCards would be dieal. WarCards are like on time power ups that you can use in battle. When you use it, make sure you have the right and opportune moment to do so. It can help turn the tide of battle to your favor.

Facebook and ads

When you start the game make sure you add friends through Facebook. It doesn’t matter if the play the game because you get some nice rewards in the process. When you also get the chance to watch an ad then do it or just let it play without actually watching it. Watching ads reward you with some money in the long run.

It takes more than just a couple of tricks to win your matches as you need our WarFriends hack, cheats, tips and guide to get ahead.

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