War Robots Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

War Robots is a third person action based game using robots. You control your robots in a battlefield as you take on other players in real time. Matches can be 1 on 1 or as team battles ranging up to 6 on 6 battles. You can get to customise your robot later on to make it tougher, faster and more powerful. All of these things can be confusing but with our War Robots hack, cheats, tips and guide your robot can dominate the field.

war robots hack cheats tips guide

War Robots is available on both iOS and Android.

Have a good internet connection

Games like this that need you to be in real time must require a good internet connection. The reason for that is because you wouldn’t want to get get disconnected most of the time.

Choose an initial robot and grow

When you start the game you get to choose the equipment that your robot can use. There are different parts and styles that the player can place on their robot. In the beginning players can only use one robot so they have to rely mostly on customizing their robot. Players can choose to fight within melee range or snipe from a distance.

There are also those that choose whether they can be tanky or speedy depending on your needs. When you also get enough money and a good amount of equipment for your initial robot, it is time to buy a second and maybe a third hangar. That way you can have more robots to customize. You also don’t have to switch out equipment from time to time.

Into the heat of battle

Customizing is good but now we’re going to the heat of battle. The game is heavy on teamwork and cooperation. It can be problematic how to communicate with your team and considering that you’re not playing on a computer so basically chatting is not easy. The initial thing to do is hope that you have a good team but in most cases that’s not what will happen.

The good thing is that you can always bounce back from a failure when you still have the time and the chance to do so. The thing that you have to do on your part is just pull your weight. This means that you have to be either on the defensive or on the offense. You need to be good when it comes to attacking but as well as defending and dodging. You rather avoid getting hit rather than getting destroyed right away.

It does take some time to get used to the game so f you’re just starting then you just need to get better and hope for competent team members.

Get the Beacons

Beacons are places in the game where you have to capture. There are usually five Beacons per level. The way to capture them is to stay near the area of the Beacon. Be mindful that enemy players will try to capture a Beacon. Just wipe out the enemy team and capture the Beacon of your target.

Customize and grow your robot with the help of our War Robots hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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