War and Order Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Enjoy building and fortifying bases and epic war games? War and Order is one of the newest strategy-management games to add to your list! Build your army of powerful orcs, elves, dragon riders, and a slew of awesome creatures to take on other towns in your kingdom and to participate in kingdom versus kingdom wars! Get ready to defend your base, win battles, and build the best troop in the kingdom with our War and Order hack and cheats!

war and order hack cheats tips guide

War and Order is available on both iOS and Android.

Play daily!

Play continuously. Slow but sure should be your way of playing. Ideally, you should focus on growing first before heading out and infuriating other players by attacking them without a kill event going on. Just be neutral for a bit, and when you’re town is of an able level, then go out and slay those enemies.

Upgrade resource spots!

Early on in the game, it’s great to focus on building and growing your resource (RSS) areas first, so you’ll be able to accumulate tons of them for upgrading. You’ll also need to “farm” outside of your town, just check to see the World Map and pan around to look for a safe resource location to gather.

Don’t be scared to perform missions and quests!

Base management games like WAO are all about completing missions and earning rewards for your town or for your order. Missions range from typical tasks like training a troop type or a specific number of them, upgrading a certain type of resource location, or taking part in kingdom-wide supremacy tournaments. Just complete whatever you can and you’ll eventually be able to accomplish many of the quests through normal game progression. Make sure to venture out and try performing a particular mission to earn individual or order rewards.

Always build, train, farm, and research!

Keep busy to become a formidable player in no time! Keep doing these three key activities as these will help you build power. These will improve your offence and defence, as well as your skills and abilities for use later on when there are kingdom versus kingdom events.

Also, if you are going to join an order or a clan, make sure to ask your group what types of troops or resources you need to focus on as some prefer that you hyper-produce certain items like wood or food, for example.

When it comes to farming, use up all of your available marches and keep a close watch on them as some tough opponents prey on troops that go out on the World Map to gather resources.

Join an order!

Alliances help you speed up construction and win tournaments to earn premium game currency. You can use the monies to purchase troop and resources boosts, kingdom/town protections, and other perks that you wouldn’t be able to gain on your own. Most importantly, an order or alliance will help protect you when you are idle and are not actively playing.

There you have it! Hope you find our War and Order hack and cheats useful! Don’t forget: Build, train, farm, and research. Rinse and repeat. Share your game tips and stats below and don’t be shy to scout for potential players using our comment thread!

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