War of Crown Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

War of Crown centers around a world where it is just recovering after the dark forces have ravaged the lands. A young explorer named Eshirite is dubbed as the Child of Destiny. He travels the land doing things of adventure but the looming darkness is back. The game itself is a tactical and grid turn based game with the elements of RPG. Help Eshirite travel the world with the help of our hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

War of Crown is available on both iOS and Android.

Hero up

Let’s start first with the heroes that you can use in War of Crown. Eshirite is your starting character along with Lyilis. Later on you can summon and recruit new heroes to join your ranks. You can summon random low level heroes but remember you can only bring a number of heroes so make sure to have a go to party to use. Now when have duplicate heroes or heroes that you don’t want to use then use them as ingredients to increase the level of your main heroes but those use as upgrade materials will be gone. Then don’t forget to evolve your hero when they reach their max level.

Grid tiles

In the battles, you need to move around the grid of tiles. Knowing the color of the tiles and the movement is key. Blue tiles mark where your character can move. Green tiles indicates where their attack range is. The yellow tiles mark where their buffs can hit and red tiles can indicate where offensive abilities can go to. Knowing the tiles is the key so that you can land your strategic moves.

Cancel and waiting

Going back to those tiles, you need to get the feel before you do something. One example is that you’re using a range character. You can see the green tiles as to where their attack can reach. Moving closer to an enemy makes you take a look at where their range can reach again. Now the ideal thing to do is to cancel when your plan doesn’t work out. When you haven’t used an attack, item or ability yet then you can still cancel the move that you made as long as it just involved moving. Canceling is ideal to go for another type of tactics. In some cases you don’t have to attack, you can just wait for your turn. It also helps you get a turn much faster when you don’t do anything. One side tip that you can do especially when you’re grinding is to use the fast forward button to speed up battles or just use the auto fight button where your characters will move on their own.

Missions and quests

Now there is a difference between missions and quests in War of crown. Quests can be something like achievements. It has things to do like gather X amount of gold or level up your characters. You will get rewards which is good. The missions are like the actual quests where you are sent to fight off monsters or do some fetching. Then don’t forget to do the main story when you’re not griding. 

Full your fate as the child of destiny with the help of Rouen Gamers’ War of Crown hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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