War Commander: Rogue Assault Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

War Commander: Rogue Assault is a base building game. The base building of course is where players have to build and upgrade their structures. They then need to harvest more resources to create and make more troops and units that they can use to defend and attack against other players. That sounds good but hard but it doesn’t have to be with the help of our War Commander: Rogue Assault hack, cheats, tips and guide.

war commander rogue assault hack cheats tips guide

War Commander: Rogue Assault is available on both iOS and Android.

Start with Campaign battles

Before you go off attacking other players, it is essential that you start with the Campaign missions. Doing campaign missions gives you a nice little warm up of what to expect from the game when it comes to attacking. The missions gradually become harder so that means that you need to get better units later on. You get resources and rewards when doing campaign missions.

Now attack real players

Dealing with campaign missions is good but you have to attack other players at one point. Unlike campaign missions, you can get easy targets or very tough ones. The punishment for failing an attack can be a bit tough so make sure you have the sufficient manpower and strategy to attack enemy players. You also get supply boxes from victorious attacks which you can’t get from campaign missions.

Forming your army

When you’re just starting up, you can get limited amounts of soldiers and units. You are pitted against other players of the same level as you are but you do have a choice not to attack the tougher ones. Each soldier has their specialty and weaknesses. You need to check which soldiers are effective against which enemies as well as structures. You should also be mindful what they are weak against. There are some soldiers that are strong against infantries and some against vehicles and even buildings. Build a versatile lineup that can attack a specific enemy base.

Do some micromanaging

When you’ve played a lot of RTS or real time strategy games then you can be good at micromanaging. Micromanaging means that you can control your soldiers individually or as a group. Keep in mind that the enemy base has its defenses. You can control where your units can go and attack or hold their positions. This feature isn’t as available to other games of the same genre so controlling your units is ideal so that they survive and last longer in battle. This also means you can optimize your army to get the best results. This goes back to forming your army with their attributes.

Spend your resources as soon as you can

When you have resources you need to spend them as soon as you can. There is a limit to how much resources you can hold. If it reaches the limit and you go offline, then that is a wasted opportunity as resources won’t be added when it reaches the cap. This is also ideal when you successfully attack an enemy player as you rack up resources as well. Just make sure to upgrade buildings and build units so that your resources keeps on stacking.

Managing your base can be a hassle but with the help of our War Commander: Rogue Assault hack, cheats, tips and guide it doesn’t have to be.

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