Vlogger Go Viral Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Tapps’s Vlogger Go Viral is a perfect mobile game for those who want a great YouTube simulator to pass the time. If you like slow-progress repetitive games, then this is the one game that you should not miss. It is very similar in concept to PewDiePie, but is a lot prettier and it actually came out earlier than the popular YT sim. Put yourself on the shoe of an up-and-coming YouTuber and you’ll be fine. The only downside is that it can take a while to create new video episodes, but if you have plenty of time and you dig idle games, then this one is for you! Here are our Vlogger Go Viral hack and cheats to help you get started!

vlogger go viral hack cheats tips guide

Vlogger Go Viral is available on both iOS and Android.

Make a video of everything!

Initially, you won’t have an idea of what video is trending or not. Just make a video out of any topic first and then read the comments once the video is up. You’ll get some clues by reading what your viewers have to say by tapping the small PLAY icon at the lower left of the screen. Then you’ll get an idea what video to do next. You can unlock interesting video topics in exchange for diamonds/gems, but make sure to try out the free ones first before doing so.

Make your first video by clicking start or following the simple tutorial as you go along. Wait for a few minutes, and when it’s done, just hit PUBLISH. Each succeeding video takes at least an hour to make. Game will idly play if you plan to log out, but you can also speed up this process by tapping away incessantly until you finish off the timer.

Use your gems to unlock video topics and only on important features!

Gems may be used to speed up the video recording and editing processes, but we do not really recommend this. Just tap using ALL of your fingers to shorten the process, instead of wasting precious gems on them. Remember, gems are a bit hard to come by.

Respond to comments!

Respond to comments correctly to earn points and views as some quests would require you to do so. You’ll know when you have queued comments when you see the word “MAX” on the same PLAY button that we were talking about earlier. If you do, check the comments written in green and discard those that are written in red. Easy-peasy!

Complete quests!

The current quest can be found written in purple on the lower right corner of the screen. The game may tell you to tap 92/350/100 times while you are recording or to reply correctly to a specific number of comments, get a radio ad, update your social page, and more! You earn views that you can exchange for upgrades.

Unlock and max-upgrade if you can!

The key to becoming a successful YouTuber is to unlock everything and upgrade whenever you can! Starting from word-of-mouth up to hiring a PR and other marketing tactics, you’ll gradually be on your way to becoming a popular YouTuber in no time.

Click on coffee mugs, robot drones, the mailwoman, phones, and more!

Coffee mugs can earn you extra thumbs that can shorten video recording and editing processes and drones can help you earn extra views. These are all important to keep your vlog growing and retaining your viewers.

The mailwoman will pop up on the upper right once in a while and offer you an ad to watch to earn, and then double your bonus points. Take advantage of this for extra views or diamonds. Phones appear on your upper left and they let you comment/react on other players’ video streams. The more influence you offer the better number of views you’ll earn.

Improve your appearance and your work area!

You Tubers naturally need to look their best. You’ll notice commenters telling you to fix your hair or dress up more nicely—and you should oblige. So unlock clothes, hats, and other accessories, and change your hair colour and style once in a while. Later on, you’ll also be able to buy items to spruce up other areas of your house, doing so will help improve your video views and get you a step closer to being number one on the leader boards.

Dress up your pug and pineapple, too!

Your cute little assistants will earn you tons of followers as well as some will comment that they only watch your shows because of them. Make sure to upgrade them to improve their appearances and viewer-baiting skills!

There you have it! These are some of our Vlogger Go Viral hack and cheats! This is a great game to play with your friends. Share your game comments and suggestions below and compare your stats. Finally, don’t forget to check out our other game info, tutorials, and tips. Enjoy!

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