Virtual Families 2 Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Virtual Families 2 is a follow up on the first game with the same name. While this is a followup new elements have been added to the game but the concept is pretty much the same. It is basically a simulation game where you raise a family. Just like in real life you have to give them the things that they need like a good house and the daily necessities. This will be a bit tricky but you can always rely on our Virtual Families 2 hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Virtual Families 2 is available on both iOS and Android.

Start slow and no need to rush

In Virtual Families 2 you start off with just a small family and the basic things to your needs. Most players want to jump to the good stuff right away which is a mistake for the most part. You should start off with just raising your family first. Make sure that they get the necessary things that they need. Then of course you can proceed to doing the other things like spicing up your house and many more later on.

Taking care of your family

Now this is one of the tricky parts of the game. You can adopt people to join your family but of course raising them is a different story. Just like different people, your family members will have their set of personalities. One thing you can do is to discipline them when needed. There are options for praising and scolding your family members. Scold them if they did something wrong. Praise them when they have done the opposite. Now of course praising and scolding them too much isn’t ideal as well as they can get spoiled or a be a bit rebellious. Now the other thing is that you need to feed them. Right before you log out you have to make sure that they aren’t hungry because they can get sick or even die if you leave them in such a state. Monitor as well their progress to keep them in the right track.

Building your dream house

When you have your family taken care of and you’re doing well when it comes to money, then its time to spice up your dream house. Start first with the necessities. You can then proceed with the aesthetics of the house. Keep in mind that most items are pretty much the same in a sense that they don’t have a boost or something. That is why if you’re just starting up, go for some cheap furniture. You can then sell some of those later on in case you need more cash or when you have no use for them anymore.

A bigger family

It isn’t Virtual Families 2 when you can’t expand your family. This means that you can create babies to get your family much bigger so to speak. However only do this when you are at a stable pace already. Don’t expand your family when you’re still struggling on cash. That way any babies coming will be safe.

Raise your family well with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Virtual Families 2 hack, cheats, tips and guide.


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