I, Viking Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Looking for an action-packed, strategic, and a highly interactive gaming experience? Then check out I, Viking. This MMORPG will surely bring out the inner warrior in you! Play with your friends and players from around the world in small battles of 3 vs. 3. Fight it out with other teams, defeat them, and raid hapless villages with your Viking pack! Ready to put your Viking Helmets and ride those majestic Drakkars to the village coasts? Read our I, Viking hack and cheats to help you get started!

i viking hack, cheats, tips and guide

Don’t skip the tutorials!

Although we doubt that you can immediately get to the gist of the game without undergoing the tutorials, make sure to complete it just the same. You will find the game quite overwhelming at first, especially if you are new to these types of games. Be prepared to learn about how to switch your men in the middle of a fight and take advantage of their special skills and weapons. For example, a berserker can easily hurt multiple foes using his special skill. Don’t forget this if you need to make a split-second decision and are overwhelmed by incoming enemies.

Utilise those skills!

Special skills deal tons of damage but you need to manually switch if you just used up one of your allies’ powerful attacks. If you rely on your AI team mate, then don’t expect too much because the AI will use regular attacks by default.

Save your special skill and utilise your shield!

Each type of Viking has a way to block enemy blows. This is typically denoted by a shield and tapping it once activates it and lets you avoid getting hit by a deadly weapon. Also, it prevents you from unnecessarily spending your special attacks on some weak enemy. It takes time for these special moves to recharge before you can use them again. Blocking is free, so use it often. Just keep in mind that it won’t be able to block all damage dealt by enemies’ special attacks, but it will surely minimise your HP loss.

Avoid stagger!

Make sure you deal a good mix of attacks and blocks all the time. If you block too much, then you will take a lot of hits and could get stunned! Avoid staggering and hit back when you see an opportunity. You’ll notice a much quicker response right after making a healthy series of blocks. And then block again when you think that you need to pause for some of your special attacks to recharge. You can also switch heroes to replace a weak one with a stronger Viking troop! Additionally, take advantage of knights and militiamen. Just know where they are located and try to get your foes to chase you towards their direction and watch the bloodbath. Just make sure you’re not anywhere near or else…

Know when to stick together or break!

Team contests are typical with I, Vikings, however, you can’t really exchange ideas much because the game is quite fast-paced. Keep your goal in mind and usually, that is to set fire to the enemy’s Drakkar because just like the game says, what’s a Viking without it? You can stick with your team mates when you think that the enemy troops are overwhelming and kill as much as you can or get ahead your team mates and complete the objective. On the other hand, if you see an ally get ahead of you, provide support by staying with your other team mate and slay the enemies behind.

That’s all for the I, Viking hack and cheats list. If you need to add more, don’t be shy and comment below!

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