Transformers Earth Wars Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Transformers Earth Wars give a take on the real time strategy or RTS genre. You get to choose to side with the Autobots or the Decepticons with a roster of the classic Transformer characters with their classic designs. Build your base and command your Transformers to take out the opposition and to do that you need our Transformers Earth Wars hack, cheats, tips and guide.

transformers earth wars hack cheats tips guide

Transfomers Earth Wars is available on both iOS and Android.

Handling your resources

Like most of these games you need to harvest resources. When harvesting resources it is ideal that your harvesting structures should be at the same level as your HQ level. You can’t upgrade those harvesters beyond the level of the HQ anyway. That way you can get more resources suited for your level. When it also comes to making structures you can take advantage of the 5 Minute Rule. The 5 Minute Rule allows you to finish structures right away as long as they only need less than 5 minutes to do so. It saves you resources and avoid spending Cyber Coins for the process.

Allocate your defenses properly

Walls are really useful in the game. However you do not want to put a wall on all of your structures. The ones you should prioritize a wall on would be those harvesting structures and your HQ so that you wouldn’t be losing a lot of resources in case enemies attack your base. You should also spread out your defensive structures and don’t cluster them in one area so that they avoid getting wiped out. Put a wall on your defenses so that they can sustain longer. One other thing is place buildings before your defensive structures so that they add something.

Choose your bots

One thing you should do when you are able is to upgrade your shuttle. That way you can carry more bots in your shuttle when you’re out to attack. Speaking of the bots, each bot has specific abilities that you can use in battle. When forming a team make sure that you can have a well-rounded one or just go for a team that you feel is dominant. Just like having a team of bots composed of a front liner and those that can snipe from the back. Just adjust your bots to your needs.

Attack other players

It is good to attack AI enemies and campaign missions but those wear out sooner than later. The best thing to do is to attack other players. Now of course before you do attack other players make sure your team is suitable which goes back to out tip above where you need to upgrade and choose a team of bots as well as adjust to different enemies. Before you attack you should also inspect the enemy. You don’t want to dive into an enemy base and get wiped out right away. You will also get attacked so make sure that your base is ready as you could lose some resources and medals.

Robots battling each other has a lot of fun to it but be sure to use our Transformers Earth Wars hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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