Titanfall Frontline – Titanfall Is Coming To Mobile This Fall

titanfall frontline

Titanfall is one of the most polarizing game released for the current generation of consoles back in 2014. The sequel Titanfall 2 is going to be released in October of 2016. The game itself is all about mechs being dropped from the sky and the players take part by riding them into battle. Then again you can just use your soldier to fight in the heat of battle. Titanfall is primarily a first person shooter game so it caters to an audience. Then again how about those that wouldn’t like or aren’t too skilled when it comes to first person shooter games? The answer to that is the upcoming game Titanfall: Frontline. The game will be released sometime in the fall of 2016.

The game will be a free release for iOS and Android devices everywhere. The difference for Frontline is that it is more of a card game rather than being a first person shooter. Like a lot of card based games, players get to choose and make their own decks using elements from the Titanfall game. This would include soldiers and some of the mechs as well as other things from the game. Titanfall: Frontline, is an interesting endeavor as it separates itself from the action element of Titanfall. The game is more on being tactical and slow paced rather than being fast paced and action packed. It is an interesting game so make sure to get your copy when it comes and it is free so that’s good.

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