Titan Brawl Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Titan Brawl brings a take on the popular Massive Online Battle Arena or MOBA genre for mobile devices. Titan Brawl has the players control 3 characters at the time to defend their lanes from the opposing side. Like any MOBA game they have to defend their main structure or in this case the Totem. Once a side’s Totem is destroyed the game is over. You have the chance to make your teas and control them to ensure that you gain victory at the end. Winning a game can be tricky but with our Titan Brawl hack, cheats, tips and guide to make things easier for you.

titan brawl hack cheats tips guide

Titan Brawl is available on both iTunes and Google Playstore.

The almighty boxes

These boxes are very basic but they are the primary sources of getting new Champions, Tokens and other materials that you can use. There are several ways for you to get these boxes and here are some of them.

One way is to buy these boxes using Gems or Premium currencies. This is easy but it can cost a lot for you and there are still other ways without spending money.

Another way is just by getting up the ranks. Whenever you win and get your rank higher in these matches you get boxes and Gems as well. When the season also ends, depending on your rank you will be given a specific number and type of box. Just like ending the season in Bronze III will give the player three Bronze boxes.

A box can also be obtained when you collect it from the shop after specific time periods. You can also get boxes by completing missions in your mission log. Then finally just do the campaign levels and you can get some boxes ranging from Bronze to Gold types.

Your team of Champions

You can only form a team of three Champions. Each Champion has their specific traits and abilities like they can be an Attack, Defense or Support type. Attack Champions can be either a range or melee attacker that can deal a lot of damage but have average to low health. Defense Champions have high health and defense but low speed and usually have average attack. The Support Champions can be utility types. They can be melee or range and be able to heal or buff other Champions in the field. Knowing which one to use is vital for victory.

Make a strategy that works

Making a balance team of Champions is ideal. The ideal one should be 1 Attack, 1 Defense and 1 Support Champion. That sounds good but you can always adapt and change your lineup. There are times when your Champions for choice can be limited. You could have a roster of 3 Supports, 1 Defense and 1 Attack. You will need to adapt and depending on the Champions you have you can still make some strategies. There are some times when a team of 2 Defense and 1 Attack can work or go all out with 3 Attack Champions. Just make sure that you get to mix and match the right Champion abilities that can work together.

There are a lot of MOBA games out there and with our Titan Brawl hack, cheats, tips and guide you can win one more along the way.

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