Tiny Archers Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Tiny Archers is a base defense game where you select from playable characters although some are initially locked. You simply calculate the angle of your archer before you make the shot. The good thing is that you don’t have to worry about missing your shots. Plus you also see the angle to where your arrows would hit as the enemies are coming towards your tower. Shooting may be easy but make things easier with our Tiny Archers hack, cheats, tips and guide.

tiny archers hack cheats tips guide

You can download Tiny Archers on both Appstore and Google Playstore. 

Shoot the right parts

When you’re hitting the enemies, there are different parts that you can hit them. When you hit the head, you can instantly kill an enemy but smaller enemies are hard to hit on the head as well as those that move really fast. Shooting them on the feet won’t kill them right away but will stop them temporarily on their tracks. Then the body shots are the easiest to land but they take some time for enemies to die. Just hit the right parts depending on the situation.

Get rid of the archers first

There is a radar on the upper right screen that tells you how many enemies would come. If there is a green dot coming, focus on that because its an archer. These archers can hit you from afar so take them out first so that they won’t be a problem later on.

No need to open presents right away

When you kill an enemy there are times when a present will appear from them. Opening a present will make you watch a short ad followed by some nice items, gold and others. The best thing to get from these presents would be an arrow refill. There’s no need for you to open them right away as you can do it after waves.

Upgrade your bow

Upgrading your bow is ideal in the long run. Enemies become much tougher later so you need a stronger bow to get rid of them. You can upgrade your bow using gold so that’s one other thing. You need to save your gold for bow upgrades. The other thing that gold can buy are arrows but again the presents can be good for that so save your gold for it. Upgrading your bow makes it stronger, have more ability slots and others.

Do the daily missions

Even when you don’t spend a lot of time on the game, the first thing that you should do are the daily missions. They grant you different rewards but the most important thing to get are the Gems. These are special currencies that you can only get with real money so doing the daily missions is ideal. It will only take a short period of time plus they refresh the next day so you can’t do the previous ones if you missed them.

Ready your arrows find the right angle and start shooting but of course our Tiny Archers hack, cheats, tips and guide can help you with that.

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