The Sandbox Evolution Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

The Sandbox Evolution is what it says which is an open sandbox game. That means that you can create different things and play them. You are basically like a master of your own world and speaking of that you can create worlds that you can just enjoy and let other people enjoy as well. A game like this doesn’t really need a lot of help but you can still rely on our The Sandbox Evolution hack, cheats, tips and guide.

The Sandbox Evolution is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

Play the daily quests

You are given a number of daily quests to do in The Sandbox Evolution. You aren’t really required to finish or play them but they reward you with Mana which is like the game’s currency. Mana can be used to buy elements used for creating levels and worlds. Completing quests will also refresh them after 12 hours before a new one comes in. The quests that they give you in the daily quests are user created levels. Even if you’ve finished them already, if they pop up as a daily quest, you can still complete them again and get the Mana.

Complete achievements

There are achievements that you can do in the game. Doing and completing the achievements will reward you with even more Mana. These achievements can vary to different things. They could be playing other worlds or just playing with the Create option. You may not be able to complete some achievements right away but it helps.

Playing the games

The games can vary but they are mostly two things. These would either be a platformer or a puzzle game. In some cases it could be a combination of both. The objective of each game is to get that pink lotus at the end which serves as the goal of the levels. You just need to do basic jumping mechanics and solve puzzles to complete the levels.

Each character has specific moves

When you’re playing or creating levels, you can use different characters. These characters have different mechanics. You have characters that can just jump and some that can do double jumps and others. There are also characters that can attack and have weapons. Knowing what characters can do can be advantageous. In some cases the characters’ attributes can contribute to the level’s mechanics.

Enjoy creation

One of the things that make The Sandbox Evolution so good is that you can create different levels, art and worlds. In terms of art, the Pixel Art mode just allows you to draw and make an art with the use of pixels and it doesn’t really require a lot of Mana. Then there are games that you can create. You can create games that you can play and share it with other people to play. Your game created level may end up as a part of the daily quests. Then finally creating a world for fun is also available. You just need to buy and unlock more elements that you can use to create your nice little world.

Be a master of your world and create worlds with the help of Rouen Gamers’ The Sandbox Evolution hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers

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