TerraGenesis Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Science nerds rejoice! Here’s a simulator that lets you transform an inhospitable planet to make it liveable to mankind! TerraGenesis is a management game that lets you terraform any planet in the solar system by modifying its life-forming elements like pressure, temperature, water, and more! You will even get to manage a pilot colony and help them survive the harsh conditions in the planet. Here is our list of TerraGenesis hack and cheats to help you understand the game better and get your planet transformation started!

TerraGenesis hack, cheats, tips and guide

Read about the game before starting!

Read about the game premise and mechanics to plan out your mines and outposts before you even start. This game is a bit complicated, but once you learned about it more, it will be a lot easier to understand. Place your mines on green areas to make sure that they will return a lot of unique minerals over time. Be careful not to place them atop mineral ores, or you will lose credits and wait a long time for nothing. On the other hand, upgrade your prevailing outposts instead of building a new one entirely. New ones costs tons of game currency, which you can use for upgrade and purchase of other important elements.

Be wary of chance events!

Falling stars, meteorites, and other random events may be managed (or refused) any time you feel like it. However, the quicker you take care of them, the better chances your mines get upgraded. So make sure to manage whatever event pops up on your screen quickly and efficiently.

Make sure you’re not losing money!

Always keep your income positive, especially if you want to take a break from playing. This will prevent you from losing tons of credits. If you leave the game when you’re at a negative, chances are that you’ll be even more buried in losses when you come back. So keep this little detail in mind if you need a break from the game.

Save those culture points!

Spend culture points on worthwhile things like affinities and making sure that the categories are balanced in every way, so that whatever random event comes up, you’ll easily be able to manage. On the other hand, you can also focus on your current need, and then balance it out right after, once a specific need is already met. This will ensure that your colony will grow quickly and equally on all aspects of planet life.

Initially, you can focus on the speed of building things and creating currency to be able to set up your colony better. Later on, you can already delve in much deeper aspects like democracy and all those things that you can focus on once you’ve met the really basic needs of the colony.

We can only introduce so much about this game. The best way to learn it is to actually play it. We hope you enjoyed our TerraGenesis hack and cheats, there’s plenty to learn, so get your fingers dirty and start transforming your first planet now! Do comment below for more suggestions and tips!

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