Tap Tap Dash Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Tap Tap Dash is an overhead game where you have to tap to jump and dash or swipe the screen to make sure that your character doesn’t fall off the platform. It is like an endless running game with some variety to it. The game is easy to control but hard to master since the game can be really fast at some points. You don’t have to worry as you have our Tap Tap Dash hack, cheats, tips and guide to help you.

tap tap dash hack cheats tips guide

Tap Tap Dash is available on both iOS and Android.

Stay on the center

When there are platforms you are running on that are wide, make sure to stay on the center. That way you won’t have the danger of falling off the platform. Just be mindful when you jump to the next platform to see if it is wide or just small enough for you to run through. That is why as much as possible stay in the center.

Time your movements

Just as we mentioned earlier the can be really fast at times, this is the challenge to it where you need to time your movements. You need to time when you have to jump or turn so that you don’t fall off. Timing is crucial but you need some practice for it. You’re going to fail from time to time so just get better unless you have inhuman reflexes and perception.

Then again from time to time you may end up in a level when the game isn’t too fast. It just moves at a good and regular pace so you can practice there when you get the time as well. Just be aware of the next platforms as well.

Snails for the win

Snails are like premium currency in the game and you can use them for your needs. Snails basically help slow you down when you need to. The effect goes off when you jump to another platform so basically they are good for those sharp turns before you jump off.

When you would want to get some snails you usually do it by paying with real money. One other way is by watching ads that you can view. Ads grant you some snails but you maybe lucky enough to watch an ad for twice the snail so tap on that icon to get some snails.

Go offline once in awhile

When you go offline one incentive you get is that ads won’t pop up. You can get to play the game seamlessly so that’s good as well. The downside is that you can’t get snails when you’re offline but think of it as an endurance round. Plus if your internet isn’t too reliable then just go offline so that you won’t disconnect which can be annoying.

Watch the levels again

Whenever you complete or even fail a level you can watch the layout. That allows you to practice again and look at the platforms of the level. However in the failed levels, you can only watch the area in the progression that you made.

The game can be dizzying if it gets too fast but with our Tap Tap Dash hack, cheats, tips and guide you’ll be good to go.

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