Tap Adventure Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Tap Adventure is another one of those tap or clicker games. It has elements of an RPG and stronger and play the game more effectively. You just do the basics like go on an adventure and everything else in between. Despite this being a clicker game, you can still rely on our Tap Adventure hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Tap Adventure is available on iOS.

You do need to click a lot

Unlike some clicker games in Tap Adventure, you may need to do a lot of clicking. While you can still leave the game without clicking a lot, if you really want results then you need to be clicking a lot. This is also needed when you just started playing as you need to release a lot of damage and only by clicking can that be done. One thing you can do is to upgrade and increase you damage output for either the physical or magical aspect so that you won’t be tapping as much later on.

The need to upgrade heroes

Your characters or heroes are your go to people for exploring. You should already know the basics like changing their gear and making them much stronger later on. Now we go to the upgrades where your heroes can be much stronger. It can be costly though to upgrade your hero but when it reaches level 25, it can then evolve to be much stronger. The evolution is worth it since the hero’s stats increase significantly. One thing you can do is to focus on one hero at a time to get your results.

Using Keys

You get a nice number of keys when you start playing the game. The keys are used for opening chests that you get from dungeon runs and bosses. The good thing is that you can choose to save in using these keys for rarer chests but it is ideal that you use keys for any chests that you may have. The purpose for this is that the value of the chest’s content doesn’t change just because you saved using your keys.

A friendly battle tip

Normally when you encounter harder battles later on. The common thing to do is to go back to previous levels and grind. The other thing is that you strengthen your characters. One useful tip is that you need to gain a lot of money for those upgrades. In order to do that, you can leave the game for a couple of hours so that when you get back you get truck loads of money.

The time loop

In Tap Adventure there is a time loop feature which you can use. When you use it, you lose all of your progress and reset the game. Don’t worry though as you get some nice Runestones. These Runestones will grant you some nice incentives and bonuses that you can’t get anywhere in the game other than using a time loop. However the number of runestones you get depends on the progress that you have before the time loop is used.

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