Talking Tom Gold Run Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Here’s an endless running game where Talking Tom will capture your hearts once again! This time, the mischievous cat will run after thieving cats, picking up gold coins that fall from robbers’ sacks and avoiding obstacles along the way. Like any other endless runner, dodge, slide down, jump, and change directions to avoid crashing against walls, vehicles, and obstacles. Here is a list of Talking Tom Gold Run hack and cheats to help you breeze through the game!

talking tom gold run hack cheats tips guide

Talking Tom Gold Run is available on both iOS and Android.

Avoid the obstacles!

Like any other endless runner, the main objective is to avoid crashing Tom against vehicles, walls, and other obstacles while he’s on the run. Focus on where Tom’s at but also look ahead to anticipate where you should go next. Tunnels are especially tricky because you’ll need to run in the dark and quickly get accustomed in the light right after. This can increase your risk of crashing. Swipe left or right to avoid obstacles and swipe down to slide down some barriers.

Vaults mean more money!

Look ahead to see if the robber will hit on a vault. These can be opened when one of your runs ends and when the waiting time is cleared to open them on the main menu. You can earn regular and premium currencies as well as tokens for upgrading Tom’s house. This also means that gold coins will be dropping from the loot, heads up so you could collect them while running after the robber. Just be careful because the more robbers you run after, the more difficult the obstacles get. If you’re unsure of where the gold coins would lead you, then shift to a better lane to anticipate the road blocks better.

Play longer!

Play for hours and the game will reward you with better vaults—and content every two hours. Just set game notifications on your device’s settings, so you’ll know when you can chance upon a new free vault. More rewards, better chances of upgrading Tom’s house and earning the best multiplier.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

Upgrade Tom’s house as frequently as you can to earn multipliers. This will allow you to earn a higher score each time. The good thing is that once achieved, the multiplier is always in effect and you don’t have to do anything special to double, triple, or even quadruple your scores for each run. Each level up will cost a little more gold bars than your last upgrade, but it will be worth it. Imagine how much points you’ll earn if you could stay running a while longer!

Seize the boosts and power ups along the way!

Grab the power ups along the way while you’re doing your usual run. The Plane boost can send Tom up in the air and avoid obstacles below. Other power ups can earn you crash helms that can save you from one crash. You’ll get stunned a few times, but you won’t lose your turn. Try to collect these boosts whenever you can.

That’s all for our Talking Tom Gold Run hack and cheats. Don’t forget to check out other games on our list and share your game stats and tips by commenting below!

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