Symmetria: Path to Perfection Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Here is the ideal game for those who are looking for a quiet yet challenging game! Symmetria by Platonic Games is one that will really try your spatial prowess. The concept of the game is quite simple, just tap to copy the reflection of the pattern. However, don’t be fooled by its unassuming looks because your patience and skills will surely be put to the test! What are you waiting for? Want to know if you can beat the world averages? Here is our Symmetria: Path to Perfection hack and cheats to help you get started!

symmetria path to perfection hack cheats tips guide

Symmetria: Path to Perfection is available on both iOS and Android.

Mirror image!

This unique game lets you tap the corresponding boxes at the bottom or on the side to copy an existing pattern. Just imagine the mirror image of the pattern above or on one side. Personally, it was quite easy to copy patterns laterally. However, it’s a different level of difficulty when you are copying a pattern from top to bottom.  

Flip the device!

Whether you are more comfortable with copying the pattern sideways or lengthwise, you can still beat the time with flying colours! All you need to do is to flip the phone or tablet, so if you don’t like copying lengthwise, you’ll still see the pattern across in a different, but much easier perspective.

Practice on three different game modes!

There are three game types to choose from. The Battle (our favourite), Endless, and the Campaign. Always practice and replay each mode to earn personal bests that you can be proud of!

The Battle mode lets you play against an opponent, all you need to do is to solve the puzzle before your friend/opponent does. The Endless mode is for those who like to play against the time. You are given a few seconds to solve the puzzle and be a step closer to beat your last record. Finally, the Campaign lets you play levels of increasing degrees of difficulty. This mode is also time-constrained.

Choose the colour-blind mode!

Don’t worry if you have visual issues like colour-blindness—or you just simply want the games to be in black/white, because you can still enjoy the game like usual. All you need to do is to choose the appropriate setting on the Main Menu, and voila! You can enjoy a good puzzle game with a friend or by yourself!

Anticipate bomb trolls, shakes, and others!

The Platonic developers included elements that could really make it difficult for you to complete the puzzle within the world averages! Bomb trolls, additional block colours, and shakes can certainly throw you off course. Then you will have to repeat the pattern until you actually make it.

As long as you complete a stage at the Campaign mode, you won’t have to worry about the time. However, at the end of each level, you will see your personal record and it won’t be fun to see that you only managed below the world’s average.

Employ a good strategy!

There are many ways to tackle each puzzle. What we do is to finish each layer when the pattern is so complicated that it doesn’t make sense—or start on the inner part of the board and work your way outwards or to the opposite direction. Of course it becomes more difficult and time-consuming when the bomb trolls are active. Be quick but accurate, if you can.

Start with only one colour!

Later on in the game, you will encounter boards that have different colours. Make sure to tap like colours first. Pick just one colour to complete before hurrying to copy everything at once. Also, you may have to tap twice to change the colour to a different colour—this action alone will take more time than if you were only tapping one colour a time. It will be much easier to solve the puzzle using this strategy. You can then tap the others when you are done with the first colour.

Use a bigger device for Battle Mode!

The battle mode is a great way to enjoy the game with a friend. However, using a small device can make it quite challenging especially when the bomb trolls start spewing out extra boxes or taking down boxes that you have already tapped. Keep your eye on these trolls and obstacles, so you won’t have to repeat the pattern over and over and lose precious time improving your personal best!

There you have it, our Symmetria: Path to Perfection hack and cheats list! For those who are wondering if this game is the same as Cartesian, you are correct. This game is a rebranded version and has been in the market since it was soft launched. It is free to play via Android and iOS, but you can also purchase a version that does not play ads once in a while. Go check out our other game info and reviews and share your best scores by commenting below!

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