Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag is just one of the offerings in terms of videogames being released under the Sword Art banner. The game is a 2D adventure RPG containing elements of an action oriented style. You choose characters from a plethora from the Sword Art anime series. Now it doesn’t matter who you choose as you get to use our Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag hack, cheats, tips and guide for your needs.

sword art online memory defrag hack cheats tips and guide

Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag is available on both iOS and Android.

A little bit of luck

One thing that the game features is the Gacha system. This kind of system is present in some games. Basically you roll for characters in a random manner. What you roll would be characters that you can use to add to your party. When rolling characters, you can of course need to have some luck to it. You can roll characters from 2, 3 and 4 stars being the highest. The higher the star means the stronger the character but it requires a lot of luck since they have little drop rates. If you’re not liking the characters then just continue rolling characters when you have the resources to do so.

Reroll early is actually quite beneficial

One of the big Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag is Rerolling. Reroll is a nice little system that SAO:MD has. I highly suggest you to reroll early on the game. The reason is because you will have a chance to 4 stars hero, the system is totally random, so it highly depends on your luck. Having a 4 stars hero early can be extremely beneficial, so reroll early on and see how your luck goes.

Don’t forget about Event Quests:

As a pretty young game, Sword Art online: Memory Defrag is still not really strong in term of Event Quests, but you should still do it. I suggest you to start with Return of the Beasts Lord, since it is a lot easier compared to the first quest. You will earn event points and EP in even quests, and the higher event points you have, the better stuffs you get when all things are done. I really love the items in these Event Quests, so i highly suggest you to take a good advantages of these.

Elements are one of the biggest key to success in SAO Memory Defrag

You should notice by now that there are quite a few elements in SAO MD. Similar to most RPG games, you can exploit weaknesses of your opponents based on their elements. Just pay attention to the elements of your enemies, the use counter-elements weapons to attack them, highly effective.

Moreover, you can also boost the Damage point of your characters doing this, equip them with elements matched weapons can highly boost their offence. So take a good advantage of this in SAO Memory Defrag.

Handling your characters

Like most games, you have to grow your characters. Even when you’re not drawing 4 star characters you can simply choose to grow the 2 and 3 stars that you have. You can start off of course by just changing or upgrading their equipment. When you have good equipment, that can be good but there comes a time that equipment will be useless especially in the later levels even when you’ve upgraded them. Now in terms of abilities make sure you also upgrade them when you have the chance. These abilities can go a long way and they don’t necessarily cost a lot. One other tip is that focus on characters that you can rely on. Have them reach level 50 as fast as you can so that they can unlock 4 star abilities as soon as possible. Even when you have 3 star characters, they can have higher rated abilities later on. If you can also get your hands on those XP Potions then use it on your characters to get them leveled up much faster.

Upgrade your units’ weapon to make them more deadly. 

You should match the weapons to the ability of your units, that will greatly boost the performance of your units. It is wise to spend your time on finding specific items on different quests, it absolutely worth your time to have some great boost for your units. So make sure you do it right.

Normal to hard mode

When doing levels the initial difficulty is the normal mode. You get the basic rewards when doing so. Normal levels of course can done with ease but when you scale to fast even with normal levels it can be a bit tricky. Now when you’re stuck at a level later on, you can choose to do hard mode on levels that you already finished. Imagine completing the first level with normal mode. Go back to that level later on but go for the hard mode. Hard mode as it states is a bit harder but the rewards are more and better. Just remember that these hard mode levels can be a bit unforgiving so make sure you’re good to go.

Switch Skills + Parry = penta kills!’

I highly suggest you to practise Parry early on, it is one of the most important if not the most important technique in Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag.

The hack to parry is paying attention closed attention to your enemy. Don’t just attack them relentlessly, give yourself sometime to observer your enemies’ movement. Then you wait until they attack you. Please pay closed attention to those, each opponents do it differently, so don’t just assume that all will give you the same signs before they attack. Bare in mind though, purple attacks from bosses can’t be parried, so don’t do it there.

Here comes the fun part, i highly suggest you to combine parry and switch skill in your attack combination. The idea is parry first then a switch skill after that, this can bring in an extremely strong attack. So practise these and utilise it properly.

Some of my defence hack to SAO memory Defrag

Sometime, defense is the best offense, and your movements are probably the best defense you can get.

Boss attack area: When bosses attack, it is within the the rectangles area, so make sure you move when they are attacking.

Jumpiing: probably the best way to avoid any attacks.

Blocking: the easiest defence to use, but they are not the best options since it will run out if you use it too many times.

Use this SOA Memory Defrag hack to unlimited amount of Memory Diamond:

#Update: 05 feb 2016

This part is an updated part of this post. I recently found this working hack that can help you get unlimited amount of Memory Diamond in SOA Memory Defrag. I have spent the past 1 week searching but this seem to be the only one that actually work.

Here is the hack, all you have to do is choose the amount of diamonds you want, click generate to proceed, verify then you are good to go 🙂

Definitely love this, extremely easy to use. Please do let me know if you have any questions on the comment sections below.

That is it for this post guys, styling with the sword can be as easy when you use our Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag hack, cheats, tips and guide


  1. Lol have been playing this game since they first released in JP, glad they are now available globally.

    Any working hack yet?

    1. I did find 1 working hack but i still need to test it a few more times, will update this post when i am done though.

  2. That is like the 10th sword art online memory defrag hack i have tried, and pretty much the only one that works. Nice find thanks.

  3. Um, After I tried verifying, the new page says that the thing was unavailable thus, I couldn’t complete the verification. :/

    1. Just went through it myself and it works, you should try it again. I don’t know why people got issue with the verification, it was easy for me

  4. Overpriced diamond package and low rates, unless you are damn lucky to hit the 4% chance, or you will see your money burn, another money harvesting game nuff said…

  5. qui me rendre se servise et hacker mon compte sao md pour avoir des memory diamant gratuit parsque moi sa marche pas

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