Sweet Jelly Candy Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Sweet Jelly Candy is one of those candy matching games. It is a puzzle game and you need to earn points in each level to complete it. Just match the same candies of the same type to heal clear the board or just get the points that you need. Puzzle games like this won’t be as hard as you think but you can always rely on our Sweet Jelly Candy hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Sweet Jelly Candy is available on iOS.

Just match them up

Sweet Jelly Candy isn’t too much of a challenge so your main objective is to just match up those candies and get some points. It doesn’t involve a lot of complex things. Just match the candies at either a vertical or horizontal manner. You can also match more than three so that’s always good. Be mindful of the board to see potential matches. Don’t just stare at one corner or area but it can help.

Maybe focus on one area as much

Matching candies is ideal but when you focus on one area or quadrant then it can be advantageous. Think of staring at the upper right corner. Just keep matching the candies until there are no longer any possible matches on the upper right. Then move to the upper left corner then to the lower left then lower right until you no longer have any potential matches to do. It can help to focus so that you don’t end up looking all over the area.

Do some nice combos if you can

Combos can be done through unintentional moves which can also be beneficial. Let’s say you match three candies, once they are cleared the board will move. When this happens there are times when the next candies will match themselves as a result of what you did. This allows you to have move combos. Now you can’t really view the next incoming candies so it adds a nice challenge and trick to it. Doing combos doesn’t have to be required but again it happens when you least expect it.

Play offline

One good thing about Sweet Jelly Candy is that you can play it offline. When you have the energy to do so then you can play those levels without any interruption. The game is free to play and with purchases that aren’t really required for you to do as well. Play offline and play with a friend to make things much better. Just remember that you can’t play the game when you don’t have some energy so store up on those.

Add friends and unlock more levels

Adding friends allow you to gain more energy and share your progress as well. It isn’t too much but it can help you and help your friend as well. You can also unlock more levels and play older ones as the game prides itself on having over a hundred levels that you can play puzzles and match more kinds of candies.

Matching candies doesn’t seem hard but you can always rely on Rouen Gamers  Sweet Jelly Candy hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers

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