SuperCity: Build a Story Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

SuperCity: Build a Story as the title states is a city building game. You get to start with the basics but later on your city will be bigger and better so to speak. Do the things like building houses, businesses, recreational structures and many more. Try to manage everything on your own but you can always use our SuperCity: Build a Story hacks, cheats, tips and guide to help you.

SuperCity: Build a Story is available on both iOS and Android.

Making that money

In SuperCity: Build a Story, the way to make money is to gather the profits from your production buildings. Now different items can be made depending on the building but it boils down to two types. These types are where products can be made fast in terms of time but make low to average money. The other one is where products can be made long like hours or days but can provide a lot of income. It is important to have these production buildings produce something so that you can have some income coming in. Depending on your play style, you can go for production that takes long or short. Always have something made especially if you log out so that when you go back then you can harvest some income.

The energy trick

When you do things in the game, it costs energy. When you don’t have energy then you can’t perform some actions. You can’t gather profit without energy so that’s not good. The trick is that when you level up, your energy will be restored fully. Now the trick is that when you’re near in leveling up, you can deplete your energy so that you’ll have a full energy bar to continue playing. Collect the profits and try to do some clearing up to help deplete your energy. Then again each energy count refills fast about 3 minutes each.

Helping out the public

You may get a quest to help other people in the game. We are talking about real players who have their own cities. The quest will pop up and you can choose to help them or not. Helping them gives you some nice rewards and items even. Plus it doesn’t use energy so that’s good. You can also link your game to Facebook and add friends there so that you can help them from time to time.

SuperBINGO and and UFO

There are a lot of things that you can get and do in SuperCity: Build a Story. One of them is getting the SuperBINGO. It is a card that you can get and you can play with it. You can complete quests that are arrange in different tiles. If you complete a quest then that tile flips. Complete tiles in a vertical or horizontal fashion so that you can get more rewards. When you complete some of the initial quests, you can find a UFO flying around. Click on that and you can do some quests for it. The quests for the UFO are timed so you need to finish them up fast.

Build your paradise with the help of our SuperCity: Build a Story hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers.

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