Super Toss The Turtle Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Super Toss The Turtle is a game that involves some physics, tapping and a lot of power. Basically you launch a turtle with the use of different weapons. These weapons can range from bows, guns, cannons and even something like a slingshot. Your objective is to launch it as far as you can to get more things out of it. That turtle will be a bit bloody at the end of the launch because despite the game’s cartoony graphics it is a bit bloody and gory. All violence aside, make sure to launch that turtle much farther with the use of our Super Toss The Turtle hack, cheats, tips and guide.

super toss the turtle hack cheats tips guide

Super Toss The Turtle is available on both iOS and Android.

Experiment with the different weapons

Different weapons can offer different things when it comes to the initial launch of the turtle. There are weapons that can offer more accuracy, more power, more distance and many more. You’re not restricted into using one kind of weapon but you can only use one per launch. Make sure to find a weapon that works for you and you can unlock them.

Aim the right angle

One would assume that setting the angle to the highest point is ideal so that the turtle can fly further. In some cases it works but in some cases it is a bad idea. This goes back to the type of weapon that you use. Set the angle just right because in some cases when you set the angle too high, your turtle will end up launching vertically and landing right away not covering too much distance. It also boils down to how strong you pull back the weapon for the initial launching power.

During the launch

After you successfully launch your turtle, it all boils down to the obstacles and things scattered in the field. There are items that can give your turtle that added bounce or boost that it needs. When your tutle lands then it means that the run is over. If you’re lucky enough then you can get a lot of items that can help your turtle. Ideally you would want to be in the air most of the time so that you wouldn’t be bouncing and falling on the ground.

One other thing that you can do is to touch the screen as you can see an arrow where your turtle can go. In cases where you hit boosts and items, you can launched to that direction. This is why going up in a good angle is ideal to get farther yet stay suspended in the air.

Shop wisely

When you have the cash the first things you should buy are upgrades for your turtle. The ideal ones to get are speed and defense. You can also buy other weapons and items that help you in your runs. You can get more shots and bombs for more boosts to get farther ahead in the level. Just rinse and repeat and you’ll be fine.

Poor little turtle but you need to launch him over and over and with our Super Toss The Turtle hack, cheats, tips and guide you can make it happen.

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