Super Tank Rumble Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Super Tank Rumble is a game where you make your custom tanks and clash against other players from the world. You can make your tank as big as you want to or a small as possible. The possibilities are endless when you have the right parts to make the right tank for the right situation at hand. Adjust to the competition and dominate the playing field with the help of our Super Tank Rumble hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Super Tank Rumble is available on both iOS and Android.

Start with the basics

Super Tank Rumble allows you to customize and make your own tanks. However you have to get with the basics and start slow. The thing to remember is that when you’re just starting, you will be using mostly the parts that you have. Your tank is still special but not enough to take out the competition for the time being. Just take a slow start and grow big.

Gather parts

When you’ve played for a while now you need to start gathering parts. Parts can vary to the actual body of the tank, the weapons, wheels and many more. Getting more than one of the same part is actually a good thing as you can use them multiple times on your tank as well.

Do the daily quests

The game offers a variety of quests that you can do. You need to complete these quests as they will change the next day if you haven’t completed them. Daily quests vary to different tasks so make sure to do the ones that you can complete. These quests offer different rewards as well as parts that you can be able to use as well.

Build your ideal tank

Assuming you have the right amount of parts you can now start customizing your tank. The thing to remember is that size isn’t always everything. You can have a small tank but can pack quite the punch. You also have to consider the body of the tank. Super Tank Rumble utilizes a physics based system but not too overbearing. Your tank may not be able to move if it is too big or may not have the balance if you put too many things on top of it. The design should be ideal for combat and not just for the aesthetics part.

Take a look at blueprints and change from time to time

You can always look up guides online and those that have shared their blueprints. You may not be unique but if you want a good looking tank and one that has a good win rate then looking at other players’ blueprints can be beneficial for you. Plus changing the design of your tank from time to time also helps.

Into PVP

The PVP aspect is where it is at. You get to clash with other players in the world in a nice battle of tanks. You may even pick up an idea for a design when you encounter players. Just stick to a strategy and adjust in the heat of battle when needed.

Building your tank and letting rumble is awesome but what’s more awesome is that you use Rouen Gamers’ Super Tank Rumble hack, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers

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