Super Mario Run – An iOS Exclusive Mario Game Is Coming

Nintendo is one of the biggest videogame companies around. They may have loss the lead in the games and console race to companies like Sony and Microsoft but they are still relevant today. One of the things that Nintendo does best is their handheld market. They may be third in the consoles but when it comes to handheld gaming Nintendo is in the lead. However the only competition that they do have in the field of handheld and portable gaming are those that are into mobile gaming. When you have a tablet or smartphone with an Android or iOS system then you’re one of those competitors to Nintendo. Mobile gaming is earning millions of money per month which is why people get into it.

super mario run

Now of course Nintendo games have normally been released in Nintendo consoles and handheld systems only. You don’t see them on other consoles or on the PC no less. Just this year alone, Nintendo took a stab at releasing a piece of their property in the mobile gaming market and that is Pokemon Go. The game of course is still earning millions up to day so another Nintendo property will be released exclusively as of not for iOS systems and that is Super Mario Run. Details of the game as of now are vague but there is enough information to verify the game’s mechanics. The game’s aesthetics look pretty much like the Super Mario Wii game which is good and amazing for mobile gaming standards.

There will be three modes when it comes to the gameplay. The first mode is your basic Super Mario game. You would control Mario in a 2D platforming and side scrolling environment. You make him jump and avoid or defeat enemies by jumping on them but careful on those enemies that you can jump on. You also need to let Mario get those coins for some extra lives. There will also be the staple Mario Power Ups like Mushrooms, Fire Flowers and others. The objective of course would be to reach the end of the level and jump on that flag pole. While it’s not confirmed yet, there would be those different levels like Forts and Castles where you have to beat the boss.

The other game is Toad Rally which is like an online racing mode. The inspiration came from the competitive nature as well as elements of Mario Kart Racing. The main aspect is that the players must compete against other players online on the same screen or stage. They basically have to race to see who finishes the level first. Its unclear as to how many players can race on one level at the same time but two would be the minimum. The final mode is Create Your Own Mushroom Kingdom. This sounds like Super Mario Maker where you could create your own levels or world but details are still unclear. Super Mario Run does sound like an interesting game. If you have an iOS device then wait for it to come some time at the end of 2016.

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