Summation Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Summation is defined as the total sum of numbers or anything added together. That is also what this game is about where you need to shuffle numbers to get to the total sum. It is a puzzle game and you just swipe the numbers to go to the right place to get the right solution. Just like when you see the total number is 13, so you just swap the right numbers that totals it to the number 13. It sounds easy so to speak but it can be tricky so be sure to use our Summation hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Summation is available on iOS.

Just take your time

Unlike most puzzle games, Summation doesn’t have a time limit. You can take up to minutes and even up to an hour which is unlikely to solve a single puzzle. In the early levels, the puzzles aren’t as hard but later on they can be really tricky. You don’t have to worry about time so just relax and take all the time that you need to solve them. Just stop the game and save your progress if you feel you’ve gone enough for the time being.

A little trial and error

The game is generous with time and it is also generous when it comes to you making mistakes. This means that even if you shuffle the wrong numbers, the game doesn’t punish you. The other thing is that you don’t have a set or number of moves to watch out. You can swap numbers as many times as you can so that you can see if you’ve gotten it right or wrong. The other thing is that in the later levels there will be more than one line of numbers to solve so you will need to have a lot of trial and error moves when you make them but there’s nothing to worry about.

When you’ve gotten it right

When you got the right numbers, you will see it. The sum will have a color to it indicating that you got the numbers correct, however you may need to reshuffle them so that’s a clue for you to reshuffle the numbers again in case you did.

Hints you can use

You get four hints that you can use during a run. Using a hint means that you can find out which numbers to shuffle. However one hint can only be used in one level so you need to use more later on in case you do so. The puzzles in in the initial part aren’t so hard so that’s one incentive as you don’t get more hints later on unless you start all over.

Get as far as you can

Summation can have an endless runner type of element to it  However you don’t have to start all over when you fail but then again you don’t normally fail unless you start all over again. Try to head as far as you can in the game since you can just save your progress when you would want to. Then again they say that 100 is the limit and you can start all over again so maybe just time yourself to see how far you can go with the least time possible.

Total those numbers up to get the right sum and to do that, use Rouen Gamers’ Summation hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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