Suck it Up Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Suck it Up is an endless runner type of game. You take control of an alien flying his UFO presumably around a farm if farms are divided by floating islands. The objective of course is to suck up animals and plants for research purposes. Watch out for hazards in the field that you wouldn’t want to pick up as these could destroy your UFO. Plus there are other enemies that can harm you but don’t worry as you can rely on our Suck it Up hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Suck it Up is available on iOS.

What where you go

Suck it Up have simple yet sluggish controls. When you move around, you do it by swiping on the screen. Be careful as there maybe a delay or you move a bit farther ahead when you move. This isn’t ideal when you want to avoid things that you don’t want to suck up. The other thing is that don’t go outside the floating islands. A beeper will start to sound when you’re outside because your UFO will be damaged.

Daily rewards

There are daily rewards that you can get when you log in everyday. Rewards stretch mainly from coins to items. You don’t have to play the game but just make sure to log in and get those rewards.

You don’t need to suck up everything

Why? Because some things will kill you. Another thing is that in an area or a floating island, you can suck up the coins, fruits, animals, water and other things. There is a circle that indicates to how many things you’ve sucked already. When it turns green that means you can head to the portal to go to the next area. Basically anything else you suck after the circle is filled will be for points unless they are coins. If you feel that the other things can be risky to suck like in some cases some items are near enemies or hazards then just proceed to the next area.

Watch out for the hazards

Now there are a plethora of hazards in the game. Just like the bombs because when you suck them, you blow up right away. There are fires that can still give you a chance to recover. If there are water wells nearby you can suck water to save your UFO. Then there are moving hazards which are in some cases characters who will attack you. If there are a lot of hazards then just harvest until the circle is green and get out.

Reviving yourself

Endless runners like Suck it Up are very tricky but you can have a chance to revive yourself. One way is by using coins that you’ve accumulated. Don’t do it when its still too early or when you haven’t gone too far in the game yet. Plus it isn’t too ideal since coin revival is a bit expensive. When you do have the chance to watch an ad then do it but only when you’re too far ahead.

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