String Rush Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

String Rush is an endless runner game where you are presumably a string moving in a space. You basically just have to press and hold on the screen to make the string go up. If you want it to go down then just let go of the tap. You need to make your string avoid getting hit by those obstacles. When you do hit them the run will end. The good thing is that if you do passed them then you can get farther ahead and rack up on points. Get farther ahead in the game with the help of our String Rush hack, cheats, tips and guide.

String Rush is available on both iOS and Android.

Know when to hold or not

In String Rush you won’t be tapping as much as you would need to. In order for you to raise your string just press on the screen to make it go up. However you need to hold it to make the string go up longer. Not pressing on the screen will simply make the string go down. The challenge here is how to know when you need to hold or not. If you hold too much then you’ll hit the top of the screen. Basically to have a good flow of your string you might as well perform taps. Now when you are going to hold you need to know and anticipate what the next obstacle would be.

A little delay

While it isn’t really clear you may notice that the string might have a little delay to it. In terms of changing direction from going up or down and vice versa. There can be a slight delay but just by something like a nanosecond so make sure to anticipate this as well.

The obstacle ahead

In relation to the top tip, you will see the obstacle ahead for a bit. When the gap is at the top area and the next one is on the bottom, you have to be quick on releasing your hold but not too fast where you get short on your entry. Then there are those instances where you have a series of obstacles. There are also those very weird obstacles that have different angles to them adding a bit of a challenge to it.

Don’t move around too much

When there aren’t too many obstacles for the meantime just stay in the middle of the screen. This allows you to be in a safe position on where you would need to go next. Plus if you also move around too much, you might get short in time when you need to go to the right point at the right time.

Missed Stars and more strings

In String Rush you can collect Stars during the levels. They are like the currencies of the game where you can unlock more string designs later on. These string designs don’t add anything new other than looks. Don’t worry if you miss a Star as you can get more later on. Don’t get tempted by getting a Star if the risk is you hitting an obstacle.

Going up or down has never been this tricky so make sure you use our String Rush hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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