Strike of Kings: 5v5 Arena Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Strike of Kings: 5v5 Arena is another massive online battle arena or MOBA game. Like many MOBA games you choose from a selection of characters and pit them against the opposing team. It is a 5 on 5 kind of thing and that’s good in some ways. MOBAs are always fun to play but use our Strike of Kings: 5v5 Arena hack, cheats, tips and guide to guarantee victory.

Strike of Kings: 5v5 Arena is available on both iOS and Android.

A good internet connection

Strike of Kings: 5v5 Arena as we stated is a MOBA game. These types of games are fast paced and action oriented so you need to have a good internet connection for it. That way you can play continuously without the worries of lagging. Lagging means that you can’t perform well and you may end up dying most of the time. Plus the worst thing that can happen is you get disconnected multiple times which can be a burden to your team.

Practice and use a few heroes for now

When you just start playing MOBAs you need to master a few heroes for the time being. While you are free to play all of them, it is best to master a few heroes when you’re just starting. That way you can enhance your skills with that hero first and move on to the rest. The other important thing is that while you may not be playing all the heroes, knowing their attributes and skills is just as important. That way you would know what they can do to your heroes in case you encounter them.

Last hitting

The act of last hitting is common in some MOBA games especially when the enemy troops grant you some money. Getting that money is crucial so that you can buy your items. Last hitting is basically done when the troop will die with just one more hit from your attack. That way you can get your money from it. Last hitting is tricky so make sure you practice it. One other thing is that if you have abilities that damage, then try to use them to help you last hit and get more.

Adjust to the situation

In some cases there are heroes that have a standard to build to follow. Just like they have a certain skill set and item build that you can use. However depending on the situations like maybe you’re behind or the enemy and team lineup that you have, you can alter and just to the situation. Try to build different items and play your hero differently. This is a common thing to do when the standard build isn’t doing it enough for you.

Teamwork is key

Strike of Kings: 5v5 Arena really requires you to work as a team. The best thing to do to ensure good teamwork is to play with friends. That way you can communicate well together and that means you can work well as well. The good thing is that when playing with a team of friends, you get to have more fun as such.

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