Stretch Dungeon Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Stretch Dungeon is one of those interesting games released for several systems. If you’re not familiar with the game then the main concept is to stretch a wall in the obstacle to avoid getting their character hit by obstacles. They have to tap parts of the screen to pass through it and move through the four stages. Now that being said here are some Stretch Dungeon Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide that you can use when playing the game but again these are just tips and aren’t necessarily the right ways to play the game.

stretch dungeon hack, cheats, tips and guide

Take care of your beard

Now the beard is more than just aesthetics in the game. It is a part of your body, so you need to take a look at where the beard is. Now granted it’s not really a major hassle but by simply ignoring your beard can cost you to lose the level. Just make sure to be mindful of where it is so that you can always avoid hitting obstacles with it. The hard part is that you can’t control your beard so you really have to be tactical when tapping those walls to make them stretch in a way.

Master those different level traps

The obstacles and traps are of course the main villains of the game if you can call them that. Getting hit by them numerous times will cause you a game over. While there are the returning ones, you have toe be mindful and master the different traps specific to each level. Just like in level 1 there are the spike sockets. They are colored red so you know they are there. Just tap the walls and make them retract but careful on those series spike sockets as the walls may not stretch for too long.

In the second level there are spike balls. Stretching the walls will cause them to launch. This means that you have to think if you want to go that route as you may launch the spike balls towards you instead of avoiding them. Then in the third level there re giant spike pillars. These spike pillars have a lot of spike sockets on them. Stretching the walls makes them move back so that’s good. One other way is to hit a green switch to pass through safely.

Dare with the pots

Pots can be useful and sometime hazardous in the game. While they don’t damage you in a way. The good thing is that breaking pots give you Gems that you can use. There are also times when these pots can contain a spike and kill you. The thing to do is that if you’re still early on in the levels, then break as much pots as you want to get some Gems. If you are very far then try to avoid them as they could hold a spike and that’s not worth it for a single gem but again you can dare to do so.

Know when to use your Gems

Gems can be taken in the course through pots and Gem Dispensers. Now there are two basic ways to use them in the game. Gems are used for continues and for shortcuts. If you got a game over early on then don’t use a continue which costs 15 Gems. Save those for unlocking shortcuts later on which costs 200 Gems. If you do have more than enough or have made it far in the game then opt to use a continue.

If you have any Stretch Dungeon hack, cheats, tips and guide you wanna share, please feel free to do so in the comment below.

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