Stickninja Smash Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Stickninja Smash is a fun smashing game that is so challenging it will keep all of your fingers busy in no time! Secure your dojo and defend a magical samurai against advancing enemy stickninjas by just tapping your heart away. This game is so simple yet it will surely keep you occupied and certainly on your toes! Are you up for the challenge? Read our Stickninja Smash hack and cheats list before you start to help you enjoy the game better!

stickninja smash hack cheats tips and guide

Stickninja Smash is available on both itunes and Google Play.

Smash your enemies!

Smash attacks earn you more points and XP. Do it early on in the game while advancing stick enemies are still quite manageable. All you need to do is to tap at an enemy 10 times. However, don’t take the other enemies for granted because they can easily advance and get hold of the samurai in the middle of the dojo. Later on, it will be much more difficult to smash your foes because there will be more of them to face.

Watch ads!

Ads are annoying but can help you earn twice the number of coins that you would normally earn in each level. If you have time to spare, don’t let the chance to pass and watch one of these videos.

Prioritise enemies near the centre!

Always take down enemies that are located nearest the samurai. You will also notice a grey arrow that indicates that an advancing enemy is almost about to grab the sword. You lose the level when this happens. Also, try to take down red and black stickninjas way before they reach the critical point. Make sure you keep them at a distance because too many of them can keep your focus away from the samurai and can cause you to lose.

Use all of your fingers!

Tap crazily and use all of your fingers if you have to! The longer you stay alive in each level, the more enemies you encounter at a time. It gets more and more difficult to defend the dojo and the samurai, just keep at it and aim for a high score and an achievement. One way to stay long in the game is to lay your device down on a flat surface and tap away using four of your fingers. It sounds crazy, but it works!

Watch out for the glowing sword!

You can use the sword to deal damage to your enemies with just one tap! Just watch out when it turns a glowing green and tap it when it does. Prioritise red and black stickninjas because the sword will take another cool down after a few seconds of getting activated. Move quickly to take advantage of the sword’s power. And most importantly, (and quite funny, too) avoid swiping! Swiping does not work in this game. You might get worked up if you see more and more enemies advancing, but don’t forget that only short taps will make the enemies fall.

There you have it, our Stickninja Smash hack and cheats list! Hope you find the list useful and don’t be shy to share your achievements and game tips to other players by commenting below!

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