Spiraloid Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Spiraloid is an endless runner type of game where you have to make your ball roll down a spiraling path to as far as you can get. You don’t have to worry too much about moving your ball as it moves in its own. All you have to worry about is making your ball jump to avoid pits and spikes that can end your run. When your run does end, it means you have to start again from the very beginning. Get farther ahead than your previous run with the help of our Spiroaloid hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Spiraloid is available on iOS.

Find a nice position

When playing Spiraloid it is ideal that you should sit comfortably. Lying down is also ideal when playing the game. The reason is that the ball rolling down the spiral path can be a bit dizzy for some people. If this happens you can’t focus on the game as your head maybe spinning around. That is why finding a good position where you can combat the dizziness is good. Then again you may not get dizzy either way but it helps.

Pay attention on the floor

Your ball will be rolling down the path, so naturally you have to pay attention on the floor or the ground that your ball is rolling on. The obvious ones are those that are gaps which basically are different from the actual floor tiles. Just tap on the screen to make the ball jump. The tricky part later on is that the floor will pump out spikes on the floor. The spikes have a format but they pop up and go back in again. You really have to pay attention so that you can avoid getting whacked along the way.

Use the double jump

The good thing in the game is that you can have a double jump ability. You can always double jump when you want to but use it when you need to. Use the double jump when there are a series of spikes if you don’t want to land on a spike. That is why you don’t just double jump randomly as you could land on a spike if you do some shenanigans. In some cases if you don’t have to jump then don’t jump at all.

Diamonds on the path

There are diamonds on the path that you can get on Spiraloid. These things are like the currencies that you can use in the game. It can be tempting to get some diamonds but make sure that you don’t sacrifice your run for the sake of getting diamonds. Tempting as they might be, you can avoid them entirely if they have a risk of killing your ball. You can always get more of those diamonds when you replay the game over again so there’s no need to worry about missing a few of them. Use these diamonds to unlock more aesthetics and others.

Spiraling down the path is tricky but make sure to use our Spiraloid hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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