Sorcery! Part 4 Is Delayed But No Worries

sorcery part 4

If you enjoyed the Sorcery! games then you’ll be happy to know that Sorcery! Part 4 The Crown of Kings is coming although it was delayed. The good thing is that the game is coming out in September 15, 2016. The reason of the delay was that the creators inkle stated that they wanted to release the game in good and perfect condition. The game will be released for multiple systems like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. If you’re not familiar with the series then here’s a nice little summary. Sorcery! Part 4 is the fourth game in the series. The first game Sorcery! Part 1The Shamuntanti Hills was released in 2012.

The following 2 games Part 2 Khare: Cityport of Traps and Part 3 The Seven Serpents was released after. The elements of the games are pretty much the same as they are based Steve Jackson’s choose your own adventure novels. The game features hand drawn animation where players can control their character in different ways as they need to choose their route to carve their own story. Then again there is a main story to follow but players can choose where they would want to go and how they would build their character. There is also the battle mechanics of the game which is still the same as the previous games. Sorcery! Part 4 is the last installment of the series so if you haven’t played the first three games then you can get them really cheap.

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