Sonny Mobile Game Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Sonny is a man on a mission and what that mission is up to you to unravel. The game is a classic turn based RPG where you have Sonny and later on a cast of colorful characters. Unravel the story, meet new characters, fight battles and save the day. You get to choose from a number of selectable characters and raise them well. The game is interesting so make sure to use our Sonny hack, cheats, tips and guide.

sonny hack cheats tips and guide

Sonny is available on iOS.

The grind

Any RPG player would know that grinding is a staple in any game. Players basically just battle and train on enemies over and over again to get stronger. The hint here is that the game doesn’t need you to do so since it isn’t too challenging but grinding is still good to help you finish the game faster and earn skills with ease.

Your party people

You start off with Sonny as your playable character but you later get more of them. Now forming your party is your next thing to do. Just as always, different characters have different stats and abilities. You just need to figure out which ones you would want to use. You also have to consider that there are times that a certain character even Sonny may not be able to perform well in a certain fight.

Switching party members is good but two other things you should do with your party members is upgrade or get them new equipment. It doesn’t matter how strong your party is, when the equipment is just below average then it wouldn’t be too much of a boost to begin with. Then of course you have to let them learn skills in the battlefield.

Skills at your disposal

There are different skills that your characters can use. Each character can have exclusive skills but of course there are those that can be used by everyone. The thing to consider is that you should allocate a skill for each of your character that can be useful. You can have a dedicated healer but you can have another character carry a healing skill just to add a little support to the battle so to speak. One other thing that you can do is change or redo your character’s skills. Resetting skills is available but you need to pay a few in game money to make it happen. Experiment and make sure to find a build that you can go with.

Battle tips

In games like these you need to be strategic in some battles. In most battles you can just go for brute strength especially when the enemies are below your level. In some battles you have to know when to heal to get more from your turns. You also need to utilize status attacks. They may not deal a lot of damage in most cases but things like poison can go a long way. It is ideal to fight smart sometimes and not just rely on pure power for your battles.

Go far in the game with the help of our Sonny hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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