Sniper Fury Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Sniper Fury is a first person shooter game which emphasizes on the sniping aspect. FPS games rely on fast paced action with guns blazing. In this game your weapon of choice is a sniper rifle or any variation of it that allows you to shoot a very long range. Take on missions and pit your sniping skills against other players or just yourself. You will be in a world of pain but make sure to use our Sniper Fury hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Sniper Fury is available on both iOS and Android.

Practice your aim

In most FPS games you can just swing your gun around hoping you can hit something in your path. In Sniper Fury you need to aim precisely. That is because a sniper rifle or any of that variation shoots one bullet at a time and takes some seconds to reload. In the game you also need to aim so basically you have to deal with your control. If you shake too much then you may tend to miss a lot of shots. Just practice your aim during those times that you scope in so that you can land hits. You can always just replay older missions to practice your aim.

Do missions and special events

Naturally you need to play the missions in order to progress the game. The missions vary and have you do a lot of different things. The good thing is that the difficulties get higher and they don’t just throw you into the heat of battle with a hard difficulty coming from an easy one.

When it comes to special events, there are those that pop out every now and then. These special events are timely so if you don’t complete them, they will change the next day or so. Participating in special events reward you with some nice items and others.

Adapt to the mission

In some missions, there are those very sneaky enemies. There are enemies that can be smart so be sure to adapt to the scene. The enemies will also adapt so they won’t just be standing their for you to shoot them down. Just be sure to hide when needed and take out the enemies to accomplish the mission at hand.

Improve your arsenal

Like most FPS games you need to arm yourself with an arsenal of guns and gear. In the game you can buy sniper rifles and those that are of the futuristic aspect. You can and need to buy new guns later on. The guns that you have maybe good at the start but you will need to change them later on. You can also upgrade some weapons so that you can get better attributes in terms of power, speed and others. You should also adapt to the mission at hand so change weapons when needed and don’t just stick to one.

Participate in PVP

One feature in Sniper Fury is that you can always participate in PVP. The PVP element is a bit different as it can be similar to those kingdom raiding games. You have to raid a player’s base to take their loot. You do this as if you’re doing the mission. Be sure to also fortify your base as you can get raided as well.

Aim your scope and fire your gun with the help of our Sniper Fury hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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