Snake Splix Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Snake Splix is another one of those snake based games combined with the .io mechanics. This means that players get to play on a huge grid with other players. They control their snake which is basically like a line of dots to that allows players to create a space that they would own. Watch out though as other players are also on the move as they are also capturing other areas and they can destroy yours as well. Now of course if you want to be on the leader boards when it comes to the game then you can read up our Snake Splix hack, cheats, tips and guides.

snake splix hack, cheats, tips and guide

Getting started

When the game begins you start off with a small area under your control but the place you spawn is random. Each starting space is the same being a 6×6 grid. Now your objective is to capture areas by making a block or a series of turns to meet from the starting point to the end point. Once you successfully capture an area, it will change to an area that you will own as it will have your color. While capturing areas is one thing, you also have to avoid getting hit by others. If other players hit the line that you made without finishing it, then your snake will be destroyed and you’ll lose all progress and start from the beginning as well.

Be accurate with your capturing

When you capture an area make sure there are no lose ends. You have to be accurate when landing your snake. There are cases where you will miss. Like for example making a square or quadrilateral shape is easy as you just move from the four corners making your area. There are those that choose to make a couple of turns before they seal and capture their area. You should avoid making those wrong turns as you will end up crashing and without even finishing your area.

Be weary of your surroundings

There aren’t any terrain hazards other than enemy players and their own areas. That is why you should be cautious when you are trying to capture areas as enemies are also on the move. It is sometimes ideal to capture enemy territory so you can do that but can be tricky as well. The other thing to keep in mind is there are more enemies than one to deal with.

When capturing areas

When you capture areas you have to deal with your enemies but there are ways to get them safely. One thing is that you can always capture smaller areas first. You just need to play safely for the time being until you have a greater deal of area to capture. If you are that daring then you can pretty much just capture a big area to add to your starting one.

There are a lot of these games coming out of this genre so make sure to look up on our Snake Splix hack, cheats, tips and guides.


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