Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide is another game in the .io series. The point of these games is to eat and grow. Growing your snake proves to be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be with our just hack, cheats, tips and guide. hack cheats tips and guide is available on both iOS and Android.

Stay on your own

When you’re just starting, it is best to just stay by yourself. Don’t bother competing with other players at the moment. Just find a nice little space where you can eat dots on your own. Your objective for now is to just grow your snake. Make sure as well to avoid hitting the corners. Just eat and grow at your own pace away from other players.

Eating other snakes

When you’ve grown to a great length after eating on your own, you can start eating other snakes. The thing to keep in mind is that you have to eat snakes that aren’t bigger than you otherwise your snake will be the one that gets destroyed. When eating smaller snakes target their body or their head and not their tail.

Use your speed to eat

Using the speed boost can be done when tapping on the screen twice and holding it. The speed boost is commonly used for escaping. When you’re a tiny snake escaping the clutch of getting eaten then the speed boost is ideal. One other thing that you can do with the speed boost is to eat other snakes. The smaller snakes are faster so when you want to catch a snake and eat it, use the speed boost to capture that snake and eat it.

Wait for a hit and run

When you see other snakes trying to eat each other, wait patiently in the background. Getting in the middle of them can risk you getting eaten in the process as well. The thing to do is just wait while they eat it out. Whoever wins will start gobbling the snake’s particles. While the winner is busy eating, go in for a hit and run. You basically just eat that snake in the process. Just be aware that they could be on guard as well so make sure to go for a hit and run and not you getting driven by.

When you’re big

When you get bigger then naturally others will try to eat you. You tend to move slower when you’re bigger so speed boost can still be vital. You have to be on guard when you’re bigger as snakes will be following you to try and eat you. One other thing you have to do is to avoid hitting your own body when you turn or else you get destroyed. You can also use your size to intimidate other snakes and eat them.

Play the game in a system suitable for you

Most players can play the game on the go. There are others that can play the game on a computer. Pick a system where you feel playing the game is much easier and much more comfortable.

Make your snake grow and grow with our hack, cheats, tips and guide.


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