Sky Girls Hack, Cheats, Tips and guide

Sky Girls is all about being a flight attendant or stewardess. This job isn’t for the weak of heart and it can be tiring and fun as well. Now you don’t have to be one as you can just play the game. It ha a lot of things that you can experiment with and enjoy. However you may need our Sky Girls hacks, cheats, tips and guide to be the best flight attendant around.

Sky Girls is available on both iOS and Android.

Dress it up

One thing you can do in Sky Girls is to customize the look of your flight attendant and some of the items that they carry. Now of course being a flight attendant, you need to be appealing. You need to appeal and put a smile to your passengers. You can of course unlock more content when it comes to the aesthetics later on when you manage to get farther which is fine. Make sure to change your look as well from time to time.

The serving part

If you could have one intense moment in the game that would be the part where you’re serving passengers during the flight. In this mode you need to be fast when it comes to serving these passengers otherwise they throw a tantrum and that won’t be good. You really need to be fast in this part as there is a timer for each passenger that you have to cater to.

Pay attention to the passengers and serve the first ones

Like any service oriented situation you need to serve the first passengers that ask you what they want. It doesn’t really happen where two passengers ask for the same time. Prioritize on those first customers since their timer already goes down. There isn’t a situation where the next passenger’s timer go down much faster. Just follow the order and you’ll be fine. The other thing is to pay attention to what they want. They can be easily identified to food, drinks, toys and others. The thing that you have to pay attention is some things look the same except the color. Just like the drinks, the red colors could look the same as orange. Just pay attention to what they want and give it to them. The other thing is that you need to land your finger on the right passenger since they are mostly seated to close to each other.

Parts where you can relax

While the service part is the intense moment, there are those moments where you can just take your time. We’re not just talking about the customization part of Sky Girls but in some instances. Just like after the flight, when you clean the seats after the passengers have left. You can just take your time here and clean up everything. You don’t need to worry about a timer or clicking on the wrong things. Then of course there are also the other parts where you help passengers to the doctor where you just take your time as well.

Be the best flight attendant with the help of Rouen Gamers’ Sky Girls hacks, cheats, tips and guide. This guide was originally written and posted on Rouen Gamers. 

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