Skullgirls Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Skullgirls is the popular fighting game released initially for consoles and PCs. It is a classic 2D fighting game having girls fight it out. The girls have different themes to them going to the comical and over the top themes. That being said this game is the ported version for mobile devices. The controls are different being a touch screen thing but that doesn’t stop us from giving you our Skullgirls hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Skullgirls is available on both iOS and Android.

Get use to the controls

This port of Skullgirls is a bit different. In the consoles and PC ports you just input the right button combinations to execute moves. You know the basics like down forward punch to launch a move. In this port, the controls are a bit different and you need to get to use to them. The good thing is that you can always practice but the control schemes go like tapping to hit, swiping to dodge as well as two button combinations such as tapping two buttons to block and many more. Just practice and get use to it to get better.

Your character of choice

Like any fighting game you will have characters to choose from. In this game though, you will have a limited number to use but don’t worry as you can unlock more later on. You can unlock them through completing the story mode and participating in events. The easiest option although costly is to buy them with real money. When you have the characters that you want you may want to get a main character. Fighting game players tend to have a main character as sort of like their go to character. You can choose one but that’s optional so that you can focus and get better at one. Just bear in mind that characters are balanced and there maybe others that can be effective against it.

Grow your characters

When you’ve chosen a character or more of them, it is time to grow them. Basically you choose a build for each character with the talent trees and others. That also means that you can swap out the moves that you can use in the fights since you can only equip a number of them at a time. You should try to swap out and change your style from time to time.

Do the daily missions

You are given daily missions to do but optional of course. Missions vary like winning 3 fights or use a specific character and others. You can do the ones that are available for you to complete and they change on a daily basis.

A few fighting tips

In Skullgirls it usually boils down to skill. Make sure to use status ailments to debilitate your enemies. You can go for a defensive style as well where you block and hit and vice versa. Spamming isn’t doable in this port since you have to limit your moves and spamming is a fighting game staple. Just enhance your skills and you’ll be fine later on.

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