Silly Sausage Doggy Dessert Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Silly Sausage Doggy Dessert is a followup to the first game called Silly Sausage Meat Land. Both games have somewhat the same gameplay mechanics. Your goal is to control your dog presumably named Sausage in the Doggy Dessert. You need to stretch him and control his body to make sure that he avoids getting hit by obstacles. You should know where to go and get those items you can pick up like Lightning, Treats and Gems. Make sure to help our dog get through with this place with the help of our Silly Sausage Doggy Dessert hack, cheats, tips and guide.

silly sausage doggy dessert hack cheats tips guide

Silly Sausage Doggy Dessert is available on both iOS and Android.

Know the area and stretch with caution

When you stretch you normally have to go at it with caution. The thing to be mindful of is that you will encounter some hazards. If you stretch too fast then chances are that you or just a part of your dog’s body will hit these obstacles. The good thing is that if you do make an error, you know what to expect later on. The levels are also not so hard to decipher so you’ll know which way to go and land safely. There are no time limits so you can take your time when you need to.

Watch ads for some checkpoints

When you reach a checkpoint, you can choose to spend something or just watch an ad to get a checkpoint. That way you don’t end up going back to the start of the level. You don’t need to use the checkpoint early on as the earlier levels are really easy. You need to start watching them when you reach ten levels or more so just keep that in mind.

Knowing your interactions with other objects

There are a lot of objects that you can see on the level. There are some that are hazards but these objects won’t hinder or kill you. They can help you or just give you a nice little boost. There are of course the Dog Houses that act as the checkpoints. The Cream is something that your dog can eat through. Metal blocks though have no reaction to your dog. The Flipping Platforms basically just allow you to pass through. The Wafer Blocks can be used to destroy cherries, the Meat can bounce your dog to another Meat and the Peppermint can break wafers. Then finally the Cherry Bombs can be push to explode and destroy Wafer Blocks but remember not to get caught on the explosion.

Know the hazards

Hazards can be found in the different areas of the levels. They can hinder your progress or completely knock out your dog. There are the spikes that don’t move that can kill you. Moreover, there are the Teeth the move up and down and the Knives the move diagonally and will bounce back. There are also Matches and Candles that pump out fire. Cake Crushers that will move vertically until it hits a wall and the Enemy Cream where it turns red and pumps out spikes after hitting it with your dog.

Help our doggy get through this place with our Silly Sausage Doggy Dessert hack, cheats, tips and guide.

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