Scream Hero Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Scream Hero is a game where you scream to your device to make your character move. It is an interesting concept so make soft voices or scream as loud as you can. It is also an endless runner type of game so just get far ahead as much as you can. If you do fall you’ll fail the level but you can always do it again as well. You can scream to your heart’s content with the help of our Scream Hero hack, cheats, tips and guide.

Take your time

Scream Hero doesn’t have a time limit. Basically you just need to take your time when playing the game. The reason for that is so that you can catch your breath after numerous minutes of screaming and talking. Just take your time, rest your breath and continue your game.

Adjust your voice and the device

The one thing you need to be mindful of is the distance from your device to your mouth. That way you don’t have to scream too loud because the distance of the device from your mouth. Plus you can set up a position where it is comfortable for you to play the game. It is better to lie down on the side and play the game so that you won’t have a hard time playing the game. Remember to test the voice first before you play the main game. Just remember, soft voices makes your character walk. Shouting a bit can make your character jump and scream too high to make it jump much higher.

Go to the edge of the platform

While time isn’t your enemy, your enemy is of course timing your jumps and landing accurately. One thing you can do is to go at the edge of the platform. When you manage to do so, then scream hard enough to make your jump count. Jumping from the edge gives you the edge because it makes you sure that you land on the next platform. The challenge there is that when the platform you jump on is smaller.

Salvage a jump

When you fail to land on a jump to another platform. There are times when you can salvage it. When you’re near the platform, you can scream again to make it jump over. Think of it as a double jump feature but you’re jumping again even before you fall down the pit. Then again most of the time this may not work if you’re nearly at the bottom as you’ll just fall all the way through.

Play in a quiet area

Scream Hero does require you to scream into the game. This is why you need to play in an area that is quiet so that there are no other noises bothering your gameplay. The other thing is that so you don’t bother other people in the area with you screaming around. They may think of you being a bit insane especially if you need to scream really loud.

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